Home Theater / HiFi Stereo - 2 in 1

I'm looking to build a simple home theater setup, BUT with the ability to be a decent HiFi stereo as well. I want a surround receiver with HDMI, AND have the ability to put it into Direct Stereo and have good quality listen from time to time. I know some say that it's not practical, and that's true, especially on a budget.

If given the restricted choices below with a $2,500 budget, which would you choose??

I currently own a Marantz NR1504

Amp Choices:

1. Marantz NR1504 > Stereo Preout > Marantz MM7025
2. Marantz NR1504 > Stereo Preout > NAD C 356BEE
3. NAD T 748

Speaker Choices:

1. B&W 683
2. PSB Image T6
3. Monitor Audio Silver 6
I would definately go with the Monitor Audio speakers. Its very hard to do better for the money. I would probably go with the NAD to power them.
It looks like your current Marantz has 2.1 channel preouts so I would suggest going with a stereo integrated with a home theater bypass. This would allow you to connect your audiophile approved source directly to the integrated and bypass the home theater gear all together. The integrated would then function as a power amp for home theater.

I really like the Krell S-300i but it would take your entire budget. I have been out of the market for a while so don't have a specific product to recommend.
Assuming you already have speakers for your HT, I'd see if I can spend the 2500 on a new integrated amplifier - like the PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium integrated with HT bypass.

Don't try to compromise to fit everything inside the budget and regret it later on.

FWIW, the PrimaLunas would be a good match for the B&W and Monitor Audio - those can be a tad hot on the treble in most rooms
Thanks for the input everyone. I like the idea of the home theater bypass. I've never heard of that until today.

I appreciate the suggestions for amps, but they are both way over my budget. I actually went online and ordered a Marantz MM 7025 off of best buys site. I figure I have 15 days to try it out and see how I feel about it.

Also, marantz makes the PM8005 that has a home theater bypass that I'd consider trying. I wish the NAD 356 had a bypass as well...