Home Theater Discussion

I think it is about time for a Home Theater Discussion board on Audiogon. Hundreds of HT products are for sale on this site, but there is no forum to specifically address these products. Audiogon has the best discussion forums and this would just make them even better.
I agree. Some of us have combination systems that cross over technologies and components. It would be a great forum.
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My goodness,3 months go by they give you a space nobody has used yet!!I'm new to AudiogoN and very adicted (less than a week)I've bought and sold already Ok my home theater thread.I have pioneerDv 09Elite payer retail 2200.have run across 8/9 discs it won't play. Had Toshiba2106 player, gave it to my sister,she lives near by.So far every discs my mega buck player won't play, works well in her player (300 new)I was tempted by the review RE.Denon 5000.anybody know how it compares to Elite 09 ? Sound; and is it finicky.I have gone back to the rental place,got another coppy of the same movie.It starts pixalating at the same spot in the movie,but plays thru on the budjet player.13th warrior was one.Ann murray, Who shot Pat,can't remember all the others now.As a cd player(dig out to 24/96 theta gen5a)not nearly as good sound as Theata data-3. come back