Home theater couch?

Can anyone recommend a family sized couch brand for watching movies that is comfortable and ergonomic?  The center of the couch will double as my main listening seat when I’m alone listening to music. A nice solo chair is out of the question. I’ve yet to Find a couch anywhere that has good back support or neck support for extended sessions and doesn’t leave me stiff getting up.  Thanks!
Couches are not something that you can buy just by recommendation.  You will have to sit on a lot of couches to find something that works with your body.  It might be that a couch will always have problems with your back.  They aren't usually built for back problems or support.
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Not sure where you live, but if you can’t find something at Nebraska Furniture Mart (Omaha NE, Kansas City KS, Dallas TX), then I’m not sure it exists?
Thanks for the replies.  Stressless is looking like something of interest I’ll need to see if the have less modern designs to fit my space. I’ve had a Natuzzi sectional for ten years. From day one the cushion support has been terrible and I even had them come to adjust. Also it claims its Italian but my couch was made in South America (if folks care about country of origin, which I do). I’m in Pittsburgh which is a small/ medium market so not quite as many options as other locales. 
I’ve shopped extensively for furniture. Its a wasteland of over-stuffed crap designed by people who never have to sit in the stuff but only care how it looks to women who read magazines backwards. Don’t even try and say that’s not funny. You know exactly what I mean. They flip the pages back to front. Mindlessly. Once in a while some gleam or color catches their eye. This is the furniture market.

The closest thing to an exception to this that I know of is Roche Bobois. Yes their furniture covers a lot of different styles, materials, and colors. What sets them apart is every single one of them I ever sat in was comfortable! Also the closer you look the more you appreciate the details and quality.

Roche Bobois is not cheap, but you do get what you pay for.
I bought fortress home theater seating. Three seats. Customizable any way you want
Totally agree about having to try before you buy. It’s just too much of a personal thing. But, I’ll throw out the Tulen Reclining Sofa at Ashley Furniture as a potential option because it’s cheap ($499) and got good reviews as being very comfortable, and several people mentioned it has good back support and doesn’t aggravate their back after sitting for awhile. And you can return it although you’ll be out shipping charges if there’s nothing physically wrong with it. If you have an Ashley Furniture within reasonable driving distance it might be worth the trip to try it yourself. If you go, the Boxberg sofa might be worth a look too.  FWIW, and best of luck.

Sectional sofas are not only great looking pieces of furniture, but they also provide plenty of sitting space. They can accommodate your whole family, and they also offer plenty of space for your guests to relax. Ypou should try

Is this for a dedicated room?  Theater Room?  I have had three theater rooms and purchased all of my chairs / sofas from 4seating .com.  The can be configured anyway you want or need.  Having power seats is awesome but not mandatory.  Super comfortable and they have different firmness and support levels. 
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