Home Theater Construction Plans?

Just wondering, because I am moving into a new home with room addition potential, if there is a good source for an integrated, theater/music room design with plans for the actual construction, acoustical products, etc.
There are many people who have integrated their music system with home theater as well. Since not everyone has two separate rooms for there audio/video. What are you looking for? I work for an audio/video store, there I have help out many customer making their dreams come true. Let me know if there is anything you need or advice to help you out to full fill your dream. Email me if you have any other questions. Take care and good luck
HI, There is more details to work out that I could possibly write in one sitting. Basic areas of concern would be: 1. Finished room size 2. Adjacent rooms? 3. Wall construction (absorbtive properties) 4. HVAC The list goes on and on. You could spend a fortune on equipment and not achieve the best results. If you have the chance E-mail me with what you have been told so far. We can go through it. Good luck Heath- [email protected]