Home theater advice?

I am about to purchase a new home theater. I am looking for advice on equipment selection. I am considering: Aerial 10T based surround setup, classe 180 mono's, classe ssp-30, classe cav-75 (bridged to three channels for center and surrounds), new classe dvd/cd, pioneer elite rear projection tv, and rca hdtv direct tv reciever. one of my hang-ups is stands. I want this to look as good as possible for the amount of money i am going to invest. Cables are still up in the air. Thanks for any suggestions.

Other products considered are: Theta, Revel, Meridian

My time will be split 50/50 between music and movies.
The system you are contemplating should be a great one. I use Aerial 10t's in my 2 channel system with great results.
Aerial and Classe has great synergy, with the 180's and that processor, it should do a darn good job with 2 channel as well.

IMHO, Revels are good speakers, however price vs performance isn't as good as the results you'll get from the Aerials.

Hope this helps!
I will second Beemer on the Aerial. I don't have them, but I sure wish I did !!! I believe Sound Anchors makes some really nice stands for them also.
You might want to check the compatibility of the RCA box with the Pioneer Elite TV. I heard that RCA makes you buy a separate converter if the TV is not RCA. Check out the stands on www.audioadvisor.com for some good pictures and descriptions. Prices are competitive. 30 day money back garranty. You can set it up in your home and see what you like. How long of cable runs are you needing? Not sure what your price range is for cable, but your equipment really beckons for some top-notch wiring.
Hi Marsh, sounds like you are on the right path, but I would think twice about the Classe' DVD player. I am sure it will be of high quality, and I am a fan of Classe' gear myself, but DVD players are another story. Quite a few of the high end DVD players offer very little more than a top of the line Pioneer, Sony or Toshiba, I think the law of diminishing returns applies here. The Camelot Roundtable is possibly the best to date under $4000 thanks to the DVDO processing. Follow this link to detailed reviews and tests of many DVD players, and you may save yourself a lot of money. www.hometheaterhifi.com I use quite a few Harmonic Technology cables to great satisfaction. Cardas works very well with Classe' as well, so you might audition a few brands before deciding. Synergy is everything. Allow break in time before judging, some cables really do take a long time to strut their stuff. Good luck.
Thanks for all the great replies.
As far as cables go, I am considering Harmonic Tech., and Analysis Plus.

Does anyone have a great rack setup around a rear projection set, please let me know. I'm thinking about some short 4 tier stands on either side with amp stands flanking those.

Also what your opinion on mounting the center channel on a stand in front of the tv vers. on top of the tv.

Excellent choice of speakers. I am running Aerial 10t's front, CC5 and SR3 with EAD Powermaster 2000 amp in conjunction with Meridian processors (565/562v just sold). They are awesome in home theater and excellent in two channel. I've gone through many home theater processors and liked the Meridians very much (Theta Casanova, Casablanca, DC-1, MC-1, Ead Encore, and the Meridians). As far as speaker cables, I've tried JPS Superconductor+ bi-wire, Transparent Music+ Bi-wire, and finally ended up with Analysis Plus Oval 9. My setup, Aerial 10t, CC5, SR3, Genesis 900 Sub, BAT vk5, Electrocompaniet EMC-1, Analysis Plus, Harmonic Tech Pro Silway II XLR, Richard Gray, Pioneer Elite Pro-200
Marsh, I recommend the Salamander Synergy 3 shelf rack (added a fourth). You can expand if necessary, easily move shelves, add sand or shot to the pillars if you want for damping (but that prevents moving shelves), get a few different choices in colors, complimenting your speakers,and look sharp. Obviously having the center channel in line with the L&R speakers is ideal, but requires a platform of sorts to raise the PTV up high enough . This can lower the WAF considerably, and when you watch "2001 A Space Odyssey" you may notice a similarity between the monolith and your TV, but all's fair in love and audio.
Comprehensive DVD testing results can be found at:


Unfortunately, this does not cover the Classe player, but the Camelot Roundtable is mentioned, and as the only one to pass all tests.
Can I come over to watch a flick, HT sounds like its gonna kick ass!
Maybe I should scrap these ideas and go buy a mercedes.

Just kidding. Being from Memphis, TN. it is extremely hard to auddition some of these components.

Thanks again!!!
I would look into getting a different direct tv HD receiver. I think the RCA will need some computer video adaptors to connect to your Elite. Panasonic does 720P but your TV does not and it is super slow. A Mitsubishi or a Sony HD receiver would be best. Also, the DVD player wise, although both the Elite and the Classe are both great pieces, you should look into a great progressive out DVD player. I know the Elite displays in progressive but I pretty sure the Classe does not have p-out. What you would gain would be that the signal does not convert from digital to analog in the DVD player and back from analog back to digital in the Elite. Just my 2 cents.
i'd recommend for racks that you look at zoethecus' new lower-priced line and billy baggs ht racks. saw them both at ces2001 and both products looked great. the billy baggs stuff is pricier but built very robustly. you do need to enjoy the "techno" look, too. i find it very cool, enuf so that i'm lookin' to purchase another unit myself (i use the bb 1000-cd racks; also very robust) -kelly
Here's another angle that may or may not be of interst to you...first, how big is the room that your putting all this stuff in? I think that will have a huge impact on determining what the best choices would be for you HT/music system effort!...huge!
My experience, as both an avid audiophile and an a professional exotic custom home theater designer, is that these speaker choices your considering are not really going to maximize your HT experince as well as others on the market! While you may or may not end up being enamored with the Aerial for your 2 channel music needs ultimately, these speakers, like most hi-end dainty out there (example; Thiels, B&W's, Revels, ETc...), ultimately just won't be on any serious studio mixers playback list for speakers any time soon!
See the deal is that what your going to end up with with these speakers is polite, delicate, laidback, dynamically sluggish, and overall uninvolving home theater from them!...certainly the antithesis of what a good HT dedicated design is all about. And, certainly unless your putting all this stuff in a smaller space,and EQing out the sytem to take more of the room out of the equation, your resulting HT exerience I think will be a dissapointing one for the money you're throwing at it!!!
May I make a more blanket suggestion, and recommend you look into some of the more home theater designed hi-end speaker offerings out there, especially the "powered" ones!!!
Infinity is making some absolutely stellar Music/HT designs in the MTS Prelude Series. These are amazing HT/music speakers that also happen to be rated Class A by Stereophile pressently!...World Class infact.
What a speaker like this offers, that you won't get with your Aerial offerings, is world class refinement, infinitely more focused dynamic sound with less room coloration and interaction (yet still open sounding), a much stronger efforless pressentation, and much better dialog intelligability!...not to mention your getting stereo powered 850 watt rms subs a side, that effectively biamp your system, and are fully EQ'd with their own built in Equalizers! (single biggest problem in most commercial rooms is bass response!).
I've sold it all, installed it all, and owned most of it at one time or another. And you simply can't beat these Infinity Prelude MTS offerings for a double dubty, hi-end, audiophile grade music/HT speaker!...no way!
The sytem also come with matching center and rears, of course. Dynamics, refined audiohile world class sound quality, built in 850 watt subs, EQ's, best built quality around, and all for $8k/pr!....I don't think you can beat these speakers for multipurpose actually...and there you are.
Hi Marsh:

GREAT SYSTEM!!!!! I like the speakers. No, correction, I "LOVE" those speakers. If I am to put together a "nearly cost no object" system at any point in my life, it will be based around those "VERY" speakers. I am not sure about the compatibility issue concerning the RCA HDTV Direct TV Receiver being used with your Pioneer Elite RPTV, so I am not going to comment on that issue. As for a DVD Player, while in the case of your system, I would go for a "high-end" DVD Player with "progressive scan" capability. And you seem to make such a choice with your choice of the Classe DVD/CD Player. But may I at least ask that you look at the Pioneer Elite DV-38A also. The Pioneer Elite DV-38A is a gorgeous looking player with the patented shiny "urushi" finish with the rosewood side panels. This player has a wealth of cutting edge technology concealed right inside of its chassis, and it also is capable of DVD Audio playback capability, should you desire this capability in the future. And it will be "PROBABLY" priced lower than the Classe DVD/CD Player that you are considering. I'm not saying abandon the idea of getting the Classe player. I'm just offering another suggestion for you to consider in addition to the Classe. The Meridian and Theta units that you are considering are also great alternatives, and I think you should keep them on your shortlist as well.

But now, as for your stands, let me just say that when you spend the type of money that you are going to spend to acquire first class equipment, then I feel that first class equipment deserves a first class home. And for "THAT" home for your "high-end" home theater system, may I suggest Salamander. Salamander makes high quality stands and storage systems that will show off your system VERY well. And they can be expanded if your system should grow in the future.

Good luck, and enjoy that system of yours. Again, it's quite a system.

Does anyone have any alternatives, besides krell???
Once again thanks for all the responses!!!
One other alternative I haven't seen mentioned is hte new Soundstage from Aragon. Nice piece with a 2-channel pass thru. Software and hardware upgradeable with a decent bass management system. I can't say its any nicer than the Classe cav-75 but its quite a bit less money and like Classe you cant go wrong with Aragon amps. Ariels love power and the Aragons can deliver. They look nice too.