Home theater 5.1 in stereo mode

I am renovating my house and hopefully adding a theater room in my basement. I’m probably going to hook up a 5.1 surround system. But I also want to use this as a listening room. Do integrateds/AVReceivers typically have a "stereo mode"? Or will they automatically adjust to using only two channels?
all the avrs i've seen have stereo mode, which utilizes just the front channels and sub as well as an oxymoronic "all-channel stereo" mode which utilizes all 5/7 channels and sub. most also have a "direct" mode, which typically utilizes just the front channels (w/ or w/o the sub) and bypasses most circuitry such as tone controls, bass management and most digital processing. which mode sounds better depends on your preference. a two channel integrated, by definition, would play in stereo.
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