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I need some help from anyone who can answer my questions in regards to a home stereo equalizer. First, i like to know do you know the brand and model of a stereo equalizer with double spectrum for left and right channel? I have seen alot with one spectrum but i am more interested in double spectrum which i believe is better i think? In addition, it must be with a remote control as well or included with the unit. Second, i was wondering in your opinion whats the best equalizer for music doesn't matter if its been 20 years old or vintage? I suppose the older ones are better since thats when it was popular and well engineered by demand i believe in 1984 through 1999 or 2002? Your opinion counts since i know of two are great which i have seen but not sure? It is the Pioneer GR777 and Yamaha EQ 630. What do you think? Finally, do you know top of your head how to archive or find all models of equalizers from a manufactures like Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, etc. etc. so i can find research which is best. I did Google it but its not helping! Again, i really appreciate your answers and i hope you can help since i need to buy and research right equalizer for my home theater.

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Technics made a unit, SH-9010, that I think will be a good start. I used them in playing back R2R broadcast tapes and they do a great job. One major drawback of this unit is no remote. Also, look into the BSR 4000XR, it has remote and has a cool display. I've still have four of these units and they make a great balance control.
analog equilizers are just OK. If you can do wwithout a remote, and use a DAC, the a Behringer DEQ2496 is the best you could want and it is about $350 new most places.
It is totally in the digital domain, and can do all sorts of marvelous things.
You can use the Behringer's own DAC too.
Anyway, it can run circles around any analog equalizer.


Mamas1993, beware, if you decide to go try the Behringer; it's not that simple to use and requires a fairly steep learning curve imo.

Call Take5Audio in New Haven at 06510- (203)777-1750 they have a Rane SSE-35 equalizer used for $150 that may do exactly what you are looking for. Ask for Ralph or Bob. There's over 30 years experience and wont try and sell you something just to sell it.

The Rane will do 5 channel equalization in addition to just stereo so I believe that you can dial in and equalize all your speakers for both stereo and multichannel.

Finally, with room correction where it is today, I would suggest you look at those solutions. They work wonders. If you have a tough room, think of that as an option.
The specs on the Rane say that the EQ is only on the L/C/R/Sub (not the surrounds) and that they are fixed frequency, fixed Q, 2/3octave filters on the L/C/R while 1/3octave on the sub. I would not think this suitable for room correction for HT.

Oh and it lacks discrete sub input(s).

For home theater application, you will be better off to use an AV processor with Audyssey room correction. They work much better than simple analog EQ. The one I like is the Marantz AV7005. I have set up a 5.1 system (AV7005 driving 5 Focal CMS50 and a CMS Sub) last year as Christmas gift for my mom. The result was nothing short of stunning.

If you really want to use analog EQ, One of the top brand is Soundcraftsmen. I have used its EQs many years ago. I don't think it is still in business but it is considered among the best and you can find them in used market for very reasonable price.
Check into Audiocontrol. They make a spectacular equilyzer for stereo and home theater. I had the C-101 back in the days and it made a huge difference with my overall sound. Probably the best of the best.

Regards Bacardi
I'm more inclined towards the digital room correction philosophy, but the Cello and Accuphase eq's seem to be well respected. Unless your willing to spend bucks on a good one, I tend to think your better off without one, than settling on a cheap one.