Home Setup DVD

Which home system setup DVD is the best available? I want one that will help me fine tune the color and characteristics of my TV as well as one that will allow me to utilize my SPL meter to really tune in my multi channel system. Thanks!
Video guru Joe Kane recently released " Digital Video Essentials" , successor to the legendary Video Essentials . Order on line at www.widescreenreview.com The disc covers a vast library of user friendly tools to cailbrate the video as well as audio.
I have not had the chance to use the new "Digital Video Essentials", which I understand is an improvement over the original "Video Essentials" disk. I have both the original "Video Essentials" disk, and the AVIA Home Theater setup disk, and each has their merits. The "Video Essentials" disk is a bit easier to use than the AVIA, while the AVIA disk has more calibration methods that allow somewhat more accurate adjustment of the video parameters. The price of the newer "Digital Video Essentials" is less than the AVIA disk, and is probably the best place to start. If you find that you need more accurate video calibration than this disk provides, then you will probably want to hire an ISF-certified technician to calibrate your TV / projector. (ISF is the abbreviation for Imaging Sciences Foundation, which is the professional organization founded by Joe Kane, producer of the the "Video Essentials" disk. Most high-end home theater stores have a technician who has been trained and certified by ISF.)
Thank you....that helps a bunch!!!
What is available for calibrating and measuring my speaker performance (using my SPL meter)? Looking for a disc with test tones to various frequencies. Thanks!