home made subs

has anybody had experience with this? any points on the web i can read up on this subject. thanks jim
Try www.speakerbuilding.com or if you want a complete range to choose from try www.decware.com. Decware has mostly plans for sale US$10 I think, but you can download the plans for the Wicked One for free. Its a Dual Horn Loaded Bandpass Design , check it out it's awesome!
just buy vmps subs. i don't think yule come anywhere near the sound for the money, even if ewe build 'em yourself. no, i have no association w/vmps - yust a wery satisfied customer. this is one of the very few audio products i bought new, cuz it was still so much better than anything else, even at used prices. of course, i *did* get the dealer to give me a little break on the price... ;~)