Home Grown Audio Silver Lace

I'm building my own ic. Can someone fax or email me the instructions to build this cable. Not sure how to twist cables.
Are you going to try to assemble a copy of the Silver Lace, or are you actually buying a Silver Lace kit from HGA? If you are buying the kit, it comes with the wire already braided. All you need to do is attach the RCA jacks, and finish the ends with the supplied shrinkwrap.

As a personal comment, I have assembled 6 pairs of HGA's interconnects -- the Silver Solutions, the Super Silvers, and one pair of Silver Lace. The Silver Lace model requires a voltmeter or similar device to identify the positive from the negative leads. It's not difficult, but it is a bit time-consuming and requires care. Unless you really need to save the $30 on the kit, I'd recommend buying the factory assembled Silver Lace cables.
Mikeg: I should also have mentioned that HGA has a link on their Web page that has the instructions and photos showing how to assemble the Silver Lace.