Home Grown Audio Cables

Thinking about making some new interconnects. I have built Kimber PBJ and Cardas 300B Microtwin cables with good luck. I also have had good luck with teh Neutrik Profi RCA connectors. I am considering the silver Home Grown Audio cables, and was interested in hearing your thoughts and experience with that brand, and the different level of interconnects that they offer. I like the idea of staying around $100.

Interconnects would run between an MSB Link 2, Aronov LS9000 tube preamp and a Classe 10 amp.

Alternative recommendations welcomed. The only thing I don't want is a brittle sound.

Running shotgun biwire Kimber 8TC/4TC cables into North Creek Borealis speakers.
I have the Silver Lace interconnects and they are the most transparent I've ever used. I love them.

I can't speak for their other products, but the Silver Lace is excellent for the price if transparency is your goal. They also have good resale value (an important consideration in this hobby).

Good luck,

Michael, Silver Lace, with 8 pairs of 22g. silver and a net gage of 13 as interconnect? Wow. I've assembled 4 ICs with SC-4, a 2-pairs-of-24g.-silver cable and 4 WBT nextgen silver jacks and 4 old cheap stuff I had*. I also just last night assembled one 7' speaker cable--for center-channel use--made with Silver Lace. All 5 are still breaking in. Will be reporting results of careful comparisons soon. Your opinion is good news.

BTW I used black 1/4" woven covering labled Expandable Sleeving I got at Fry's Electronics; $7 for 16'. I believe Handmade sells similar stuff.

* That's another story, and I'm REALLY annoyed with Handmade Electronics right now.
The sound of my HG silver lace IC's are anything but thin and brittle in my system. I bought my first pair 4 years ago...gave the front end, integrated and IC's to my Dad...Bought completely different equipment yet still stuck with the silver laces and am now on my second pair.

I wish their speaker cable was less expensive but...oh well...can't win em all...even in diy form it doesn't seem like there are much savings after doing the math.

Like Michael says...the resale value is also pretty good so if you don't find what you need here on the Gon...you really don't have to spend much to get a new pair compared to many other IC's...and I like the fact that the owner of the company is one of those "little guys" and is really a nice guy after talking with him on the phone.

I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever...and am actually a proponent of buying used in many cases...but with a value like this...I don't mind supporting this sector of the industry on the retail level, because if these guys go out of business...then who knows what we'll be paying for high end stuff in the future.

just my 2c

I just noticed that the price has risen considerably in the past 4 years.

Jeff...the reason I initially went with the silver lace over their other offering (now it looks like their are 4 different cables but the silver lace is still essentially the silver lace of yesteryear as far as cable geometry)...anyhow...all the reviews I read both here and Audioreview had people who mentioned that the lower grade cable didn't have enough bass and after upgrading, the bass problem was solved.

Perhaps this is why some people have claimed silver cables to be too "bright"?...dunno...most of the silver cables I have seen in the lower $ price range only offered IC's in a much smaller guage. Would the lack of bass that the people that described on Audioreview contribute to this percieved brightness as the mids and highs might then be overpowering the bass? I can't speak from experience as I never tried their super silver (I believe that was the name in 2000...not sure though)...but after reading the reviews...the marginal increase in price seemed like a bargain to me in the realm of "high end" audio as mediocre as my system is yet I'm still glad that they didn't leave me wondering how much better it could sound. most other companied have a price differential in the many hundreds if not thousands of $$$'s between their flagship and their entry levels. That is one thing that makes me respect HGA...if they were to jump on the greed bandwagon...then I'd be glad I bought in early but probably not buy anymore from them.

I'm looking forward to your reviews on your homemade IC's etc...is it as big of a pain in the a@@ that I would assume that it is?...I've never tried myself and have been on the fence...love to hear how it turns out.