Home Automation and High End Audio?

I just received the latest issue of Mac Home journal. Yes, along with an addiction to my two-channel system, I'm also a long-time Mac user -- at home. Anyway, the cover story is about setting up an X10 home automation system with a Mac -- control all your appliances and lights. I'm thinking you could use your home automation system to fire up your amp and preamp from another part of the house. It got me to thinking. Has anyone added X10 home automation and noticed any difference in the performance of their audio set up? I'm curious because the X10 modules plug into the house electrical system and transmit commands through the home's electrical wiring. If you have a high-end audio system with all the bells and whistles, I would think that X10 would introduce rfi into the home electrical service and thereby raise the noise floor of one's system. Has anyone tried hooking a module to your stereo. Again, I would think it would be a bad thing to do, because IMO it would introduce a signal that could dirty the AC line to the audio system. Just curious if any of the techno-cognoscenti on Audiogon have an opinion on this.

I too am a MAC person. However there are other inter-room controls that might serve you better. For instance there are wall mounted panels that you can point a remote at and it will then beam the same infra-red signal at you stereo system which can be located in, for instance, a closet.

I shall be going that route. If you want some suggested suppliers, just ask.
The X-10 system will only transmit a signal over your power wiring when you send a control signal to operate your lights, and it only lasts for a fraction of a second. It won't put anything on the line, other than that.

I used to own a Home Automation company in the 80s, and am quite familiar with that stuff.
I use X10 to control lighting in my room. I have dedicated circuits for my system, so I'm not too concerned about the noise - even the dimming modules seem quiet (compared to mechanical dimmers).

I don't think I'd use an x10 appliance module to power an amp, or any other components, as it would introduce another relay into the power path. You might want to use x10 modules to switch a low voltage trigger, though.

Have fun!