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Hi All,

I've been having issues with my amplifier. The right channel is cutting out. I took it to my local pro audio tech and he found a loose wire and two bad solder joints but said it was working. I got it home and it seemed to be fine. I did notice something strange at first where the sound was weaker in one channel but then it opened up after a few seconds.  After that, it seemed to be playing fine for a couple of days and then I heard crackle in the right channel.

Over time the issue got worse to the point where nothing was coming through the right speaker. I don't have the same problem when listening through headphones, just a slight hum in the right ear. Anyway, this seems exactly like the problem that I was experiencing originally.

I contacted the pro audio tech near me and now he's saying that he can't fix it though he originally agreed to come out to my home. Does anybody know of a technician who can fix my amp? I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I'm willing to drive some. Also, any other advise would be appreciated too.


russ, I'm looking at Tuner 600. I'm guessing this is the spray you're referring to. The description says it's highly flammable. 

Speaking of volume. I didn't mention but I should. I believe the right channel was playing until I used the remote to turn up the volume, then the right channel cut out completely.
cleeds, an ASR Emitter II Exclusive. It runs on a battery and two power supplies. It's about twenty years old.
A couple of days ago, I switched the power supplies around and it was working. 
@reubent might know local tech.

Peter above is excellent, imo ship it to him
I just spoke with ASR USA and was told to ship it to the manufacturer ASR in Germany. I'll only need to ship the control unit.
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I spoke with my local tech and he's willing to come out. I'll let him check things out here at my home and if that doesn't work, then I'll send it to Germany.
don't take no for an answer.

I hope you live by that creed. If so, I suspect you are frequently disappointed.

"...russ, I’m looking at Tuner 600..."

Your volume rheostat is dirty, a common problem. A couple of blasts, a few turns of the knob and you’ll be good as new.

EDIT: Not sure if you have a rheostat per say, new fangled stuff. But something is rotating and has contacts, I think. 
russ, what about using the remote for volume rather than the physical volume control knob, or does that not matter?