HOMC vs LOMC - same model

For the same model cartridge and using a phono stage that is only able to deal with higher outputs ... is it better to:

(a) get the HOMC and be happy
(b) get the LOMC + a step up device + an extra interconnect

LOMC's tend to have better resolving power by all reports due to less coil mass. But then there's the reports of extra noise and possibly hum from the step up and extra wire.

So I'm torn.

Dear Bob: IMHO the HOMC but you can have another alternative that could be better: MM one.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Also wondering ... I know you definitely want a shielded cable running from the arm to the phono stage. If I insert a step up device in the middle, do I need a shielded interconnect between it and the phono stage, or just between the arm and the step up?

Generally I have unshielded interconnects throughout my system, other than the phono cable.

Dear Bob: For several years I use only unshielded IC over my system including on phono.

After different test on the subject today all my system IC are shielded and from tonearm/step-up to phono stage IMHO it is almost a must to have.

Obviously there is no " perfect " answer about but only what is our own experiences.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I prefer a LOMC with a higher gain phono stage. It appears that is not a option for you though. As for HOMC vs. LOMC + SUT, that's a personal choice and opinions will vary.

However, if you do choose the SUT route, you will need a second shielded pair of interconnects.

Or you could use a pre-pre-amp or head amp; which is an active gain stage. ZYX makes a very good one that I had in my system for a while. Otherwise, SUT is very cart and phono stage dependent and also very sensitive to slight changes in loading due to the "step up".