Homage to Quicksilver Audio

Have any of you owned or heard any Quicksilver Audio products? I had a pair of QSA V4, 120 watt triode monoblocks with the QSA Line Stage Preamp, a Wadia 23 CD player, and Jamo Concert 11 speakers.

I want to tell you, the sound was big, rich, and magical. My wife talked me into selling the QSA stuff and we opted for a Mac MA6900. However, I will tell you, I miss the V4s. The were built like tanks and played beautiful music.

Anyone else...
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I'm a big fan of Mike Sander's products. I've owned four different pairs of his amps and currently still have two of them (Mini-Mites and Prototype 300B SET's of which he only produced three pairs - see my system page). All have been fabulous performers....very engaging and musical and huge bang for the buck IMO. My favorites by far are my 300B SET's, but I also like that kind of holographic, airy kind of sound that SET brings to the music. All of the Quicksilver amps I've owned have been outstanding in their own rights. Not a lemon among them in any way, shape or form. As you said, they are built like tanks and play music like a Bosendorfer. Also, Sanders customer service is second-to-none. I've had one single problem in over five years of ownership of his products and it was likely the fault of overloading a power conditioner. Mike was extremely patient and took his time talking with me on the phone troubleshooting till we finally figured it out. He'd returned my phone call very promptly and was a pleasure to talk too. Sorry to hear you had to give up your V4's Cocozhou....I have no doubt you do miss them for good reason.

I'm loving my Silver 60's, silver 90's, and the line stage.... Mike is first rate