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Over the weekend I was reading a post by Tok2000 titled “power cables…the debate continues” http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1032301269&read&keyw&zzwattgate
Bob bundus mentioned the Wattgate 381 receptacle. Other members mentioned websites to purchase it from. Thank you Sugarbrie for your recommendation of the site you suggested. If we ever meet in person I owe you a few drinks. Tubegroover, I know it’s a lot of money but you might have missed the boat on this one depending upon the Sonics/personality of your/all of our systems. NOW FOR THE REST OF THE STORY: On my four dedicated power lines I use, Hubbell hospital grade (I forget the # but it’s the one that’s talked about). After one of our distinguished members spoke highly of the FIM 880, I purchased one. This past Sunday I ordered on line a Wattgate 381. It arrived today; I installed it and plugged my power conditioner into it, (which is presently powering everything). All I can say is the Wattgate 381 made “bitches” out of the Hubbell and Fim 880 outlets I have used. I would like to try the Acme Silver-plated cryo that Fiddler spoke of, however I’m tired of spending money. If anyone has a Acme Silver – plated cryo (an Audiogoner or dealer) that I could demo and return to you please let me know, I’ll post the findings on Audiogon, Wattgate v. Acme.
Here’s what I heard: All 12 of the well recorded CD’s I listened to (that I use for demo comparison purposes) sounded as if the volume had been turned up one or two clicks. There was more detail in the lows, mids and highs. I heard a sweeter timbre and back round accompaniment I had never heard before. The sound was not harsh, and the bass was bigger and deeper. Sorry for being so wordy, buy the way I picked it up on sale off the Internet for $100. Worth every penny in my mind. Anybody want to purchase some used Hubbell’s?
Associated equipment Componentry
First Sound Presence Audio Linestage I
Wadia Transport #20
Dodson Audio Model DA-217 MK II D
Cary 2A3 Monoblocks that sit upon SP 004 Sistrum Platforms including three direct coupled Audio Points
Equi=Tech 2Q Power Balancer
Soliloquy SM-2A3 Speakers and the Soliloquy speaker stands filled with Sistrum Micro-Bearing steel fill
Bybee Quantum speaker filters
Bybee Quantum Force – single ended Interconnect Filters
Pure Note Epsilon Reference Speaker Cables
Pure Note Epsilon Reference Interconnects
Purist Proteus Digital Cable
Purist Proteus 20 Amp Power Cord
BMI Whale Elite MK I Power Cord
BMI Whale Elite MK II Power Cords
BMI Shark Power Cord
Shunyata, Black Mamba
Audio Points under all componenty
Salamander Archetype 5.0 with Mega-spikes
Dedicated 20 Amp circuits with Wattgate 381and FIM #880 outlets
Lak: is the Equi-tech a wall mounted unit? I'm familiar with many of their units, but not that one. The reason I am asking is that did the power go through the equi-tech before the outlets you mentioned or was the Equi-tech out of the equation. If it was out of the equation--it sure would be interesting to see what happens if it were in the equation.
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The Equi-Tech pluges into the Wall (Wattgate 381), so I beleive it was out of the equation if I understand your question correctly. When I have some additional time to play I'll try a single piece of equipment through the Wattgate 381, like perhaps one monoblock going to the Wattgate 381, and the other monoblock going to the FIM 880, By-passing the Equi-Tech.
Hi Lak; I've been accumulating outlets too and do think highly of the FIM 880 and I also use Hubbell outlets. I plug my Vand. 5 speakers into Acme silver outlets (non-cryo), and they work well for that purpose, but of course this is only driving the speakers subwoofers, ie from 125 HZ and down. I found these silver plated outlets to be very fast but a little bright and strident with my main components and with my electrical supply.

I'd sure like to try the Wattgate-- will have to look for one. Thanks for the thread. Cheers. Craig
At least one ;-) Depends how many I've had!
Yo Larry - glad that you liked the Wattgate; sure made a believer out of me!
I haven't tried a LOT of different outlets, but I have used the Hubbel as mentioned & then an industrial grade Leviton. When I noticed that the Wattgate is also made by Leviton, I thought it would make an interesting comparison so I bought a 381 just to try it. My other outlets have been long since forgotten - they sound like junk.
Has anyone tried the Jena labs?
Well Lak, I believe you. Actually when Bob Bundus compared it to a 10k component upgrade, THAT really caught my attention. I recently did a cryo tube upgrade at 150.00 that was similarly dumbfounding in exactly the areas you described, sounds louder, more dynamic, resolving of low level detail across the board and an increase in stage depth and width and just amazing image focus all resulting in greater realism of recordings. I will certainly try one out and post my results. Thanks for the update and thread.

John: I have not used the Jena Labs, but do use exactly the same receptacle that is sold by Alan Kafton at Audio Excellence for $55 (about half the price of the Jena). I shouldn't say exactly, because Audio Excellence apparently subjects the receptacles to a double cryo treatment. I have no experience with the Wattgate, but do have experience with a number of other stock receptacles, including the Hubbell hospital grade 8200/8300's, which were the best stock receptacles that I used. The cryoed Hubbells are in a totally different league than the stock units, and I submitted a review of one that is in the review section here. I actually just received 2 more yesterday which I slotted into my line conditioner, and they are pretty spectacular for $55. I am actually very cheap when it comes to audio and never in a million years would I think I'd be recommending a $55 receptacle, but it is, as Bob says, just like a component upgrade and very much worth the expense!
Hey Lak, you are very welcome! If you're in Maryland or DC sometime, we can have that drink. Thanks! Rives is nearby also. I moved into a new house (new to me) recently and have not gotten around to playing with the wiring here yet. The prior owner put dimmer switches everywhere, which I need to remove. They are noisy.
Has anyone read the Michael Fremer column in the current issue of Sterophile regarding the treatment of IEC terminations? Jonathan Carr of Scan-Tech polished Michael's power cord terminations and MF was very pleased with the results. Has anyone here tried a similar treatment? If so, what results did you get?
~~~~#1 What are benefits other than the legality/safty/convienience issues of using an outlet VS direct wiring a component/conditioner to the dedicated line?

#2 Did anyone happen to catch this one?

Wanted: nordost Super Flatline
Days/Views 15 / 33
Buyer's Zip 22180
Ship from Worldwide
Pay With Money Order, Personal Check, PayPal, COD, Visa/MC

1. 3-5 meter pair of Super Flatline Mark II, the doubled version of Flatline Gold, for bi-wiring.

2. 1 pair of Nordost ics w/RCAs to run between my JC Penney X100 II Sig Ref CD player and Kraco Ultra 1000 tube amp.

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Great post, guys. You definitely have me interested in upgrading.
I was obviously asleep for the last post, so could someone give me a website for the Wattgate 381, again.
Hdm: I think I will give that a try. Thank you, John

I am doing exactly what you describe, running a dedicated 12 ga. line, terminated with a Marinco IEC plug, powering a PS Audio P300. Another identical dedicated line feeds a PS Audio 15 amp high current Ultimate Outlet. I have my Martin Logan speakers, pre-amp and CD player plugged into the P300, and 2 amps plugged into the UO.

I never tried to use an outlet between the dedicated lines and the PS Audio equipment, so I can't give you any comparison there. However, I did have everything powered up via the same PS Audio equipment plugged into a standard wall outlet, minus the dedicated lines, and there were obvious differences with the addition of the dedicated lines. (Specifically, greater bass extension, more open soundstage) I suspect that it was a combination of the addition of the dedicated lines, and the elimination of the connection points required for outlet in the circuit.

I can't see that there could be any (sonic) advantage to adding an outlet if given the option to directly connect a dedicated line to a power conditioner or component. However, I agree that it probably doesn't conform with code. I don't think it is really a safety issue in my house, since I don't have any children around who might try to stick an energized IEC plug in their mouth (or any other orefice).

And.....since this thread started with a discussion of Wattgate receptacles, does anyone have experience with the Wattgate IEC connectors? I am wondering if this might be a worthwile upgrade at the junction of the dedicated lines and PS Audio gear.

Speakerdude, I have the Jena Labs outlet and could recommend it without reservations. In reaching that conclusion, I have found that outlets are just as system dependent as any other component.

I had the FIM 880 (gold plated) and as it broke in it became very harsh and bright for my SS system. I finally took it out and replaced it with a PS Audio Power Port and everything got smoother and more musical. I then had the FIM cryo'd by Jena Labs, and also bought one of their cryo'd sockets. I sold the FIM to my friend who uses Cary tube equipment and he's very happy with it. The cryo treatment, if done properly is really a noticable improvement. I had a pair of interconnects cryo'd by Jena Labs also and was very pleased with their performance (more weight, lower noise floor, less harsh).

Bottom line, I think the PS Audio outlet would work for anybody, but the Jena Labs is better. I would only recommend the FIM for a tube system, despite the many endorsements it received on A'gon (which is why I bought it in the first place).
Wehamilton, great post, thank you for your info. Hdm has what sounds like a good outlet idea. BTW have you ever compaired the Jena labs to the Wattgate? I would be intrested in a comparison of the Wattgate, Jena Labs and the one that Hdm is talking about. Thanks, John
Hey Sugarbrie, how close are you to Friendsville in Maryland? I’m there occasionally kayaking on the Upper Youghiogheny River. Sugarbrie + Rives + Lak = Drinks!
What is the cheapest site to buy a Wattgate 381?
~~~~Mike, most likely right on with your answer, No sonic improvement by adding an outlet. Kudos! Wanted to bring up the subject of a purer circuit without actually suggesting one try direct wiring. Not a betting man, have a hunch you wouldn't go back.

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This might be of interest:


As John suggested, a comparison of this to the Wattgate would be interesting. I have not used the PS Audio, but it is a Hubbell 8300 (which I have used) with extra nickel plating and the World Power units, as I said above, are superior in a very major way to the stock 8300, so I'm making an educated guess that these are quite superior to the Power Port.
Ligi check out the following:


Hdm , Very interesting website. The other outlet is priced $5 more. It looks like it's a hospital grade outlet and the other one isn't. I think I wil buy the more expensive one because as we all know if it costs more it has to be better. Right? Boy that should open a can of worms! John
Actually, Speakerdude, the 8300 is priced $5 higher because it costs (me) more than the 5362, not because it's "better". They are both double-cryo treated and conditioned for 4 days on the Cable Cooker.

As stated on the website and in a previous thread here on Audiogon, the primary difference between the two duplexes is one of presentation (and the matter of one's taste regarding that presentation). The 8300's presentation has been described as more "immediate" or "intimate"....the 5362's seem to be a bit more relaxed, like you moved your listening chair a bit further back. They both have oodles of detail, openness, and clarity. In that respect they are equals.
Alan, Thank you for explaining the sound difference between the two outlets. However, you failed to say why the 8300 costs you more. Are they constructed differently? What are the physical differences? I went back to your website and I was unable to find where you explain the difference or the sound. I am not picking on you just trying to clear this up. John
John: It appears Alan has gone back to Audioasylum where he usually hangs out so I'll step in to answer your question. The only differences between the Hubbell 5362 and 8300 are: 1) the 5362 has a nylon face where the 8300 has a thermoplastic polyester face 2) the 8300 has a very thin layer of bright nickel plating on the power contacts to prevent corrosion/oxydization and achieve the hospital grade rating which the 5362 does not and 3) the 8300 has the green dot on the front indicating the hospital grade.

Other than that, the receptacles are identical. At the wholesale price level, the 8300 sells for about $5 more than the 5362.

Here is a link to the data sheet on the 5362-from there you can search for the sheet on the 8300:

Hdm, Thank you very much. I searched some prior threads and found some interesting stuff. Aparently, Alan used to work for Jena. I'm not sure if I want to get mixed up in the politics. I do have one Jena Labs outlet but I need two more as I have three dedicated lines. Perhaps I should talk to Alan. What's your opinion? Thanks, John
Speakerdude......a correction is in order. I did not "work for" Jena Labs. I was, however, a dealer and representative for them, and was very proud to be affiliated with them. We did CES 2002 together, along with ModWright. We were also co-manufacturing an AC line conditioner for a short time, prior to Jena Labs discontinuing their involvement in February. There are no politics involved, certainly not on my part, and none I believe, with the principals of Jena Labs. I've not heard one unkind word (from them) since we parted company. Enough said.

As far as your question regarding the cost of the hospital-grade outlet, the answer is simple, beyond the fact that I pay more for it. There are more steps in its manufacture......the multi-layered bright-nickel plating, in addition to the higher temperature & higher impact-resistant face material used......hence, the higher manufacturing cost. I hope this information is helpful.

And you are welcome to try my 5362's (or the 8300's) and compare them directly to the Jena Labs-treated 5362's. Just let me know by private e-mail.
Thank you Alan and Hdm. Alan I will try one of your outlets as recommended by Hdm in a private E-mail he sent me. Happy Listening! John