Holst - The Planets - Jupiter

i have the Charles Dutoit - Decca version. This piece is so sweet, purely heaven. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, yes, it's truth.
Any other good version?
Have a look: www.gramophone.co.uk, you can register and read online their fee reviews. Very informative, professional writers with good taste.
Previn, London Symphony Orchestra, EMI
Zuben mehta, LA philharmonic, perhaps the best recorded lp Decca has ever made. The ultimate Demo disc.and a performance to match
My favorites are either George Solti and the London Philharmonic or Herbert Von Karajan and the Vienna Philharmonic, don't know if they are available on CD but on vinyl they are unsurpassed IMHO. Michael
If we're talking LP's, I second the vote for the Zubin Mehta version. It's on the TAS list, but is plentiful enough that you can find it at a reasonable price, if not in a thrift store eventually.
Speaker's corner does a fabulous sounding reissue of the Zubin Mehta lp. Other issues of Planets I own:

The Walter Susskind/St Louis MFSL SACD - dissapointing

Chesky SACD Dennis R Davies/Bruckner orchestra - Excellent

Deutsche Grammophone LP, Steinberg/BSO - Good, not Great. However my copy is from a digital master:(.

All comments are MHO.