Holo Audio May DAC

Just read a very nice review of this in Stereophile this month and after doing some research it looks like this one could be a very nice option for me.  
It's made in China I think (or could be Taiwan?, and yes, I am very well aware that these are two very different countries. ;)), and employs a direct to consumer model to keep the price as low as possible.  This does not worry me after purchasing a Jay's Audio transport from Vinshine Audio and having zero issues.  

Just curious if anyone here has heard one or purchased?  I'm very intrigued.  I know the Denafrips Terminator is another highly regarded DAC with a similar ordering model, but costs a couple grand more than this one.  Considering that one as well.

Cleo 52 if you have ever been diagnosed with audio OCD or experienced symptoms of OCD while obsessing over tweeks and or upgrades your not alone , the extra few hundred for the KTE model could end up being money well spent especially for your peace of mind ,....
In_shore can you tell me between the Audiobyte Vox stack and Holo KTE May which one you liked better. Can you describe the differences in tonality, soundstage, imaging, etc.

Like you I also had the PS Audio Directstream and Terminator Dac. I have an Audio Mirror T3 SE Dac that I like better but, I’m interested in either the Vox or May Dac.
Snopro to sum it up best i can , if you watched the YouTube video of New Record Day review of the KTE  that moment he paused over mentioning returning the Denafrips Terminator while listing to the May KTE dac in his system is very much similar reactions I had though my comparisons is with the AudioByte Vox dac .

As good as the Hydra Vox is for $800.00 more the Holo May KTE dac is overwhelmingly the bigger bang for the buck, sure 5k is a lot of money however I’ve never been so satisfied and content for a long , long while .
Finally it’s what’s up stream of the dac that really counts in my opinion. If you don’t think you can improve those 1s and 0s feeding your dac you should most definitely look into it .
Like many here, I’m intrigued by the KTE version of the May.  I’m generally happy with my current unit, but am considering an upgrade. 

Have any here compared the May KTE against something like the Mola Mola Tambaqui?  Completely different price points, but based on the views expressed here, I wonder if it’s a comparison I can make.  I’ll be auditioning the Tambaqui.  Just wish I could do the same w/ the KTE.
Has anyone had problems getting a response from Tim/Kitsune? I have emailed him twice with questions/lead time and have not received a reply. I actually live near him in Seattle and directly picked up some small products from him a few years ago - he was very helpful/responsive back then.