Holo Audio Kitsune level 3 Dac...Help!!

Evening Goners!

Well, i finally took the plunge into digital!
My main rig is totally analog and thought i would buy a Dac and Digital to Digital front for both my headphone listening AND my new cd player.
The products purchased were the level three Kitsune Dac and the Stinger D to D front...

My cd player is a Rega Isis and my headphone amp is a Bryston BHA-1
Amp is the New Vista 800 and i have an Auralic Aires with outboard p.s.
It came with absolutely no instructions in either box!! Also, I can't seem to get anyone from the company to call me back or answer my e-mails so i need HELP as this is all new to me...

Simply put, what plugs into what? I am using usb/hdmi and also a pair each of digital coax cabling.

Any assistance would be DEEPLY appreciated!...:-)

Thanks all,
amg56 and falconquest,

Tried to find a "support" link on the site but there is only something called a "support ticket' which has no information at all so i am back to square one :-)

If either of you own one or both of these products perhaps you would be kind enough to assist me?
off site is...az.jake@cox.net
This is the page for your DAC:


Scroll down under the section titled warranty and there are a bunch of downloads including a manual, how to open the box, etc etc. Took about 30 seconds looking around. Good luck!
All good Jake trust me we've all had brainfarts like that enjoy your new dac!