Hollywood Records reissue of Queen "Jazz"

I bought this a couple of days ago with high hopes that it would sound better than my original purchased... well, a long time ago.

I cleaned it before playing with a VPI 17 using AI fluid.  The first response was disgust with all the surface noise before track 1 started.  I pulled the LP and used the deep cleaning fluid and pure water.  Back to the TT.  This time it sounded dull and lifeless, muted.  I removed again and cleaned once more with regular fluid.  The sound was better but the surface noise was still there.

I grabbed an old Amiga Queen LP to see if the recordings were really that bad.  The Amiga has some surface noise but nothing like the Hollywood Records reissue, and sounds a lot better than HR lp.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Queen, always a concert disappointment, but you could say you were there.  It was obvious that what Freddie did in the studio was impossible in concert.  They always sounded much better on vinyl/recorded, regardless of quality.  Freddie, what a voice. 

I saw Queen around the time of Queen II, and they were awesome - a magnificent show, and only $2....