Hey kids, it's that time of year again!

What are your ABSOLUTE musts?

What did you find LAST year that remains in your Holiday rotation?

1.) Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas. Can't live without this one. 

2.) A song, Paul Simon's "Waiting For Christmas Day."  Another can't live without that has a beautiful line toward the end,  "...and if I could tell my mom and dad the things we never had didn't matter we were always okay..."
Just gets me right in the holiday heart, ya know?

Health and prosperity to all - have at it!
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The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole
sorry, it will be the same as always: The Nutcracker under Gergiev (they squeezed it onto one CD so you dont have to flip CDs)
Can Jew's play?

My new favorite is Mary Chapin Carpenter's absolutely fantastic "12 Songs of Christmas". I play it all year round.

My old favorite is the Mobile Fidelity LP of "A Jolly Christmas With Frank Sinatra" 

Now when we get to Chanukah music I've got the inside track for you. Well if I don't get deported first.

Ramsey Lewis trio sound of christmas

Ella wishes you a swinging christmas

ANYTHING, in which Robert Shaw is involved.


Thanks for the Ramsey Lewis Trio post.  I just discovered his stuff this year but didn't know of the one you noted.  Off to the download sites!


I abhor using text shorthand but, LMAO!

I think you officially put me in the spirit. 

I was specific in stating "holiday" music to avoid being specific about anyone's affiliations. This thread invites and welcomes everyone's music that gets them in the spirit of enjoying family gatherings and friends regardless of such. 

Bring on the Chanukah choices forthwith!
Joe Sample- last recordings released in December 2015.
Diana Krall- as well.
Duke Ellington - The Nutcracker Suite

I have about 40 discs of all different types, but the absolute musts:

Glenn Campbell That Christmas Feeling

The Carpenters The 2 disc set

Nat King Cole The Christmas Song

Randy Travis Old Time Christmas

Anything by Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams or Perry Como.

I like to mix in choral, orchestral, motown and jazz as well.

I love Christmas music! 

Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas

OK, I'm always there for you. One of my favorite Channukah albums is old:

The Klezmer Conservatory, "Oy Channukah".

and a new Channukah song:

Matisyahu, "Miracle (the Channukah Song"

And though it's not quite Channukah music per se:

"Cannonball Adderly's Fiddler on the Roof"

and African-American folk baritone and political activist Paul Robeson singing in Yiddish, "Zot Nit Keynmol"

A happy holiday to all!


I'm googling,  itunes-ing,  amazon-ing as I type this....


Chemayne Micallef -- Christmas Piano --

-- Top 10 XMAS CD per NY Times columnist

highly recommended 
Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas

Aguanko - Latin Jazz Christmas in Havana  (highly recommended)
For Country music fans;
Reba- Acoustic Christmas tunes CD.