Hole in NS-1000M midrange driver

I just acquired a pair of these speakers in fair condition; all of the drivers look good except the right midrange driver. There is a small hole in the dome! It appears to be around 3mm in diameter. The image is rotated; the damage is actually on the middle bottom of the dome.


Is there anything that can be done to salvage the driver? Am I right in assuming that the driver is unusable in it's current state? Do I have no choice but to pray for a replacement to pop up on eBay? I've read that these drivers were assembled as carefully matched pairs. Will there be a significant imbalance if I do end up buying a single replacement driver?

If I do happen upon a non-functional driver with an intact dome, is there any way to Frankenstein them together?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Better jump on this one before its gone

NS1000 Midrange unit

Since its dome is made from Beryllium handle and recycle the old one accordingly.

While your at it you may want to check into upgrading the crossovers too, heres a link to an option for this

Troels Gravesen NS 1000M Crossover upgrade

Best of luck

Am I right in assuming that the driver is unusable in it's current state?
Have you tried playing it? Might be acceptable.
If the hole has no cracks around it I would use it.
Actually I would try to seal the hole..
Though that might be hard to do well. And the sealant might throw off the response of the driver.
If it works.. i would use it 'as is'
As long as the hole does not get bigger (edges cracking) it would be fine to use.
Remember, beryllium is very toxic, if you touch the metal dome, make sure you wash your hands very thoroughly afterwards. As far as I know the beryllium midrange and tweeters were not assembled/installed in matched pairs. After 33 years my Yamaha NS1000Ms still perform and look great.
Beryllium is toxic if aerosolised, when solid the metal should not present a danger to you. Nonetheless it would be wize to wear gloves when handling this alloy.
I agree with those who say try it out and see if the small defect has any effect on the sound. If not just use them.