Сhoice preamp

Please help with the selection of a preamplifier.
My system: mac mini - mytek dac 192 - ... - McCormack DNA-1 Delux - Dynaudio Contour s 1.4.
I listen to rock, electronics, jazz ...
I was advised McCormack ALD-1,  Audible Illusions Modulus 3A, Odyssey Tempest. Maybe there is still an option?
 I can not listen to them at home. I can only buy one. 
I can not be defined with a choice. 
I bought a bottlehead beepre with the attenuator upgrade. It is World class. You need to get the attenuator upgrade and you need to get the weight rings for the tubes to get rid of microphonics. Once you do that it would be difficult to find anything better regardless of price. I replaced a vacuum state SVP 2 that retails for around 7000 American. The vacuum state was a great preamp that I had for many years but the bottle head was far better, it wasn't even close. 
It was incredibly easy to put it together as the manual is very thorough.  Someone who is a beginner could easily handle it. 
Before this I honestly did not take a bottle head very seriously.  Now I want to try all their stuff as I am so impressed. 
Just to give a point of reference to the previous post my system consists of the top-of-the-line Sophia electric 845 mono blocks and tannoy Yorkminster SE speakers. For source I am mainly vinyl with a Van den hul xgp colibri cartridge ET 2 combo on a loaded VPI TNT into a herron phono stage. So you can see by the rest of my system that I am not some newbie who doesn't have a clue what good gear sounds like.  I have been heavily into this for the last eight years and tried a lot of gear before settling on this set up. 
If You're not up to giving bottle head a try, out of the three you have mentioned I would agree with the MacCormack and the audible allusions.  I have not heard of the odyssey. 
Who can describe the difference in sound Audible Illusions L2 with M3A?

I tend toward to buy M3A. But I am afraid that there will be problems with the main gain and step attenuator. And I will not be able to properly adjust the volume. Who listens to the AI M3A  with McCormack DNA-1? You have problems with main gain and step attenuator ?
We had a McCormick amplifier here recently and it worked quite well with all of our preamps.

BTW, it does not matter what music you play- the electronics really don't care about that and are not genre specific.
Very true atmasphere, but some genres will exposure faults more than others .