Hockey Pucks under amp?

Anyone tried it? It was suggested by the service center for my ss amp. I am awaiting arrival of my amp, and will try it next week.
Well at least if it does not work you can use the pucks for a body lift on a truck.
Hi Blbloom; I have thought of this, but never tried it. I suppose the question is: are the hockey pucks resonant or non-resonant (I would expect non-reasonant). Some Levinson components have the AC receptacle on the underside of the chassis (eg, 360S DAC), so power cords must have a right angle bend, and the Syn. Res. that I use projects down so far that the DACs feet don't touch the shelf. So to use the cord, I seriously considered hockey pucks but had no immediate source. I ended up using sandstone coffee table coasters (actual slices of rock) with cork on the bottom-- they're about 3/8" thick and 4" in diameter. They seem to work great. Let us know how the hockey pucks work! Thanks. Craig.
..........not clear. Of course the coasters (or pucks) go under each of the components feet.
Some of us do have kids that play hockey-my daughter has for 7 a result there are lots of hockey pucks laying around the house. and wouldn't you know, just the other day I needed to lift my ARC VT-60 a bit. Bingo! Hockey pucks! You know what, better detail from the old girl. Tightened her up from one end to the other. Wouldn't have believed it if it wasn't done by accident. I say Puck-er Up and Sing! (used three pucks, two in back and one in the front) Don't know if any other way would work, it's just what I had at the moment. Happy Pucking!!!!
Oh no. It's starting. I wonder what the difference is between used and new pucks-or pucks hit with wood sticks as opposed to composite-or aluminum? How about the temperature of the ice in the arena? Or the size of the sheet? Pro vs. amatuer? Or, yah, boys vs. girls? Then you have all the different manufacturers of pucks and Canadian vs. domestic. And, get away! I won't take that pill, I'm ok, really, get that straight jacket out of here! I know my rights! I want a lawyer! I'm organic! No drugs allowed! aayou can't make me... arrugggghh!!!!! . .. .. least the padding on the walls looks like it could be sonically beneficial if I can only figure out how to get my system in here......
I have a PSE Studio II power amp that I bought used on ebay. When I first took it out of the shipping box, I was impressed with its sturdy feet... I'm not a hockey fan, but when I turned the chassis upside down and saw the Philadelphia Flyers logo on the bottom of one of the feet, that made it pretty clear I was staring at hockey pucks. I can't say much about how they affect sound quality, but they do provide a solid base. I use the amp to drive the passive subwoofer in my home theatre system. The amp, which is a nice looking unit with oak side panels, sits on top of the equipment rack. Probably only hockey fan would recognize the feet as pucks.
I tried the hockey pucks under my amp but it just encouraged more high sticking in the living room and lead too more penalties. You should try listening with a goalie mask on, it just seems to tighten everything up. Go Canucks!
On the strength of this thread I tried some, but took em back. They're not as good as roller blade wheels.
Remember that hockey pucks should be cryogenically treated (i.e., frozen) before use. This is why the used ones always sound better.
I got some nice heavy tool steel blocks from the tool and die department at work, works great too.