HMS. cables

I am trying to buy more HMS power cords and can't find the distributer. Any current info.
The US distributor is out of business, and they have not yet replaced him. You can contact HMS in Germany, and purchase them directly. Their e-mail address is - Hans Strasser, the owner is a very friendly, honest man.
Good Luck
Czapp, Does he converse in English?
Shoot all I wanna know is if speakz american???? ;)
Any one know what happened to Christian?
His English via e-mail was very good. I never did speak to him, although he offered his phone number and was more than willing to have me call him.
I'm not exactly sure what happened to Christian, but I heard that he had some health problems.
Q: Do you know what they call a person who can speak two languages?
A: Bi-lingual

Q: Do you know what they call a person who can speak more than two languages?
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Q Do you know what they call a person who can only speak one language?
A: American!

I'm sure Hans will have no trouble communicating with you.
Viel Gluck mein freund!
What he said last! (Nrchy).
Christian(Tekunda) is no longer a member of Audiogon as he has taken people's money and not delivered goods.If you type in is user ID you will see that we are talking big time money.Though a controversial person,to say the least,I can only imagine he got over his head with bills betweenn Lindeman and HMS in trying to get the products launched in the US.
Mr Strassner did email me and he will soon have another distributer shortly in the U.S. otherwise he still gives a 3 week free trial and said he can ship UPS in 3-4 days. Sounds like HMS is back on the right track.
I have noticed a surge in the buying of all the used HMS cables on Audiogon. Is there a new distributer in the U.S.? I have noticed the prices have risen on the retail recently.