HMDI Cabling

What do I lose if I don't purchase an upper end AudioQuest HDMI Cable? I am currently looking at AQ HDMI-X 3m ($99.00) vs. AQ HMDI-3 2m ($225.00).

I interested in getting the best quality from my system. Should I run from my HD cable box(no HDMI) DVI to HDMI (SONY 50") and then from DVD HMDI to HDTV? Then what about from the DVD (Denon 3910) to the B&K 501 Receiver, do I use component? When I purchased my equipment the dealer sold me cables of his choice (AQ YIQ-3 type component, AQ type 4 speakers, AQ Diamondback Sub, and finally AQ Optilink 1 from HD cable box to receiver). The speakers are straight forward its the DVD, HDTV and HD Cable box I inquiring the best decision for choice of cables.

I didn't know what I was purchasing and relying on salesmen to assist. Did I go wrong with the choice of cables?

I am a novice to this HT and wanting the quality as well. The decision maker of B&K AVR and my Velodyn DD sub was at Tweeters and I really enjoyed the smooth sound .

I appologize for being so descriptive but I feel its the only way the reader understands what I currently have to give me the best advice with what I am using.

Thank You
HDMI is transitioning from version 1.1 to 1.3.
1.3 allows all kinds of nifty advantages due to its higher bandwith (ability to move more bits per second).

Assuming the "3" in "HDMI-3" refers to version 1.3, you are buying a more advanced cable which accounts for the price difference.

There are currently only a handful of players/receivers that support 1.3 (e.g. Toshiba) but should be many more by Autumn.
It is my belief that HDMI 1.3 provides better support to the audio with little video improvement. If you are contemplating a full home theater (7.1) then this might be more of a consideration. Use of DVI needs only the earlier HDMI cable.

Having said that, it is always 'better' to get the latest which will keep you up with things as they develop. Of course, I am sure there will soon be HDMI 1.4, etc. etc., etc.