HK and NAD Gurus - Need your Advice - PLEASE

QUESTION: I am looking for an inexpensive surround receiver 5.1 to get going while I save up to invest in the bigger and better stuff. I am considering refurb HK or NAD.

I heard from some HK owners that HK has a high failure/return rate on their equip.

HK Gurus, PLEASE, your experiences and recommendations are much needed.

NAD Gurus - Any recommendations on a NAD model that does 5.1?

Speaker info:
Front two speakers - Boston Acoustics VR30s (250 w, biamp/biwire possible)
Rear two - BA CR-6
Sub - up in the air - any thoughts?
Center - soon to be purchased - BA VR920 Center

I wouldn't consider myself a guru but I would suggest the NAD 760 or the 761. Each has digital inputs and match well with the Boston's that you have. There has been some rumbling about the failure rates of NAD as well but I have had several pieces of their gear and have never had a problem.
I use to own HK and have owned NAD stuff.The only recent audition of HK gear left me with the impression that they are Dry and Dark.I would go for NAD before HK.
Agree with Abex, Nad is warm, HK in comparision cold.