This piano trio album by Vijay Ayer has gotten a lot of press as one of the notable CDs of the year. Technically, it's quite an achievement, with extraodiary time signatures and amazing playing. Unfortunately, IMHO, it sounds like the musical equivalent of a PhD physics thesis: dry, technical, brilliant, but ultimately reflecting all the emotional content of a rock. I've been listening to it off an on and I just can't warm up to it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Any thoughts?
We think we seek novelty, when in fact, we usually seek familiarity with a dash of novelty. Music that presents too much of one over the other leaves us either uninterested (too familiar) or "can't warm up to it" (too novel). If after a few more listenings you may find that it just doesn't speak to you.

BTW, it's Vijay Iyer.
Oops. Spelling never was my strong point.

Iyer it is.
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