hissing noise when turning volume knob?

hi audiogon fellows, recently i have detected noise(like radio tuning) from my right speaker, only when i turn the volume knob. Firstly I'm pretty stupid with machinary stuff, i'm guessing it might be one of fuses is about to get blown out.
I have no idea what causes the problem, strange though the noise stopped for awhile, and then back this week, and there is no problem at all during listening.
I just hope it doesn't die on me anytime soon.
BTW my amp is Plinius 8200mk2 intergrated.
Thanks in advance!!
When he says "many times" it make take 30-100 times.

What you are doing is wiping/wearing away oxidation that has formed on the contacts of the volume control.

I used to have that on my maintenance list along with turning all the push buttons off and on 30-100 times.

Contact points need to have the oxidation cleaned off and many times you cannot get inside to do it.

This helps.

If that is your problem you will see/hear and immediate improvement and you will need to do the same thing regularly.
wow it worked, i did the knob turning repeatedly and the noise went. I guess as long as it doesn't affect sound quality or damage anything, i could live with the turning regularly.