Hissing from Speakers/Amp?

I am getting low level hissing from my amp at the speakers (you have to get close to hear it but it is there) when all other components are off (except the amp)?

Is this normal with mid to higher end amps or what might be the cause of it. Btw, I did sustain two dips and surges to the home's power supply and this happened afterwards but the amp was connected to a decent surge and spike protector and the fault light on the amp didn't come on.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Any tubes in your system?Thats OK then at an inch away from the speaker.Thats what I hear....
Could be just normal white niose...As long as you have to put your ear to the speaker to hear it and its not getting worse I would say your o.k.........
Nick778 What are your components in your system. It sounds like you have a solid state amp with the Fault light and all? Tell us more of what you have in your system.
I got a Joule pre-amp some time ago and noticed a very slight hiss and hum in one channel of my system after I installed it. I couldn't hear it unless I put my ear right up next to the speaker. I called Judd Barber and asked him what to do. He said, "Don't stick your ear in the speaker."

I eventually concluded that this was reasonable and appropriate advice, and didn't do it again.
I have a Spectron Musician III SE MK2 amp and it drives a pair of 803D B&W speakers. Pre/pro is an Anthem D1. It was dead silent when I purchased the amp. Spectron has the amp now and can't find anything wrong with it.

Maybe this is normal but when it was new it was dead silent when I put my ear up to the speakers.
Hi Nick,
If you hear that hiss across the room that could be a problem. But within a few inches of the speaker that is fine. I have a Van Alstine Super Pas 3si preamp and a Dynaco ST 70 modified by Tom Tutay and I would have to put my ear very close to hear anything at all. When I put a CD player direct into the amp it is dead quiet. That is fantastic for a tube amp. That's one reason why I stay with Tom Tutay.

I re-read your question. If the amp is the only thing on is your preamp on? If that is the case what is your cycle for turning on your gear? You should always turn your preamp on before your amp. If you turn the amp on then the preamp that could be a problem. If your preamp has any DC leakage it could send a surge to your solid state amp. That may be a reason to be a little concerned. You also have to be careful with turning things on up stream like a CD player or DAC and the volume is turned up.
Leave things like CD players on all the time. But be careful how you cycle your gear on!