Hiss: B&K Separates and B&W Speakers

I am getting hiss from my system through the speakers. System includes B&K AVP2000 pre-amp/processor, B&K AV5000 5 channel amp, Cal Audio Icon MkII w/PowerBoss, and B&W DM602 speakers. Also I am using an Adcom AC line conditioner. Have separated AC lines from interconnect cables with limited success. Any ideas to clear up this problem, or is it a problem with the equipment I am using? Has anyone else with B&K Components noticed this hiss?
HI HIFI, I saw your post on Lexicon or B&K. It looks like you went with B&K. I have heard of the problem you are having, I do beleive it is in the AMP, the AV5000 is an older amp, the AV5000II is the new one. B&K had some quality problem and I believe many non authorized dealers got B&K equipment really cheap and have been selling it. I hope you bought it from an authorized dealer. Take it back.
Hi Have B&K Pre and amp 7250 though. No prob with hiss. Similar problem with Parasound was "cured" with decent (Monster 3500) line conditioner, but I agree, return or at least have it bench tested.