Hiss at very low volumes

OK, I know that this is way too low-end for the folks here, but I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere else.

I have a new HT-in-a-box (Sony DAV-C700) system. I went this route for a small living room, primarily for compactness - the whole thing in one box. The sound is OK, actually pretty nice for what it is.

But: I've noticed a very low level hiss in the speakers that are not playing (e.g., the center & surround speakers during 2-channel play). It's not audible except if I put my ear right up next to the speaker, or if the volume is turned down to one-notch-above off.

Is this a function of the digital amplifiers it uses? Or, just a function of a low-end system? Or, maybe I have a malfunctioning unit?

Any thoughts?

Dan- I wouldn't worry about it at all, most all tube amps hum when music is not coming through them and LP's forget it even a great Turntable and new LP will hiss. Which isn't a bad thing just the way it is. I realize you don't have an analog front end or a tube amp but trying to tell you that hiss isn't a big deal at all, in particular when you have to be that close to the drivers to hear it, if you could hear it over what ever your listening to I would be a little more concerned but you should be fine.

Cheers! Tim
sounds like snakes to me. yep, definitely snakes (the chinese put them in the "cabinets" and laugh all day long, knowing they're manufacturing a supposed japanese product). too bad all us red-blooded americans are made to suffer this manifestation of a centuries' old cultural conflict. -cfb
Not to sound degrading, but that hiss is prevelent in many low end stereo products. Years ago I used to buy components at the wiz (sony receivers etc..) and no matter what I tried, that hiss was always there. You could try cleaning up your power, but you'ld probably be better off investing that money in better components.
cfb, now that's funny. where do you come up with this stuff?
I must say I've listened to the c-700 and for $700 it's a damn good unit.

I have two quick suggestions for you:

1)Jog down to a local best buy and purchase a Monster Cable surge supressor, just the cheapy $40 one it will provide some filtering as well protect your investment.

2)If you take a trip to Radio Shack you can also purchase RF chokes, they are little rectangular chunks of ferrite and cost $8 a pair, slap one on either end of the c-700's power cord and you achieve two things cleaner corrent and piece of mind.
Hey, just wanted to say "thanks" for the quick responses. I may try to clean up the power, but really, I never really hear it unless I am listening for it. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a defect!