HiRez to Redbook

So we purchase and download hirez files of albums, LPS  or whatever say 24/96. What is the preferred method of converting and burning to CD (Redbook) to play as a CD in any CD player (car for example)?
Thx, Jeff. BTW I use Apple computers for software recommendations.
May I recommend you NOT down-convert them? Just play the music 24/96 through your mac using Audirvana or any other music player of yr choice. The difference between 24/96-192 & 16/44.1 is not subtle.
If you must, then most media players will do it for you; if at all possible, try converting the sample rate first and then do the dithering. Good luck!
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My new Honda Accord automatically down converts any file higher than MP3 to MP3, but it at least plays them without requiring me to convert the format
DbPoweramp will down convert a DSD file to whatever you want.  You won’t notice the difference if listening in a 🚗 .

FYI...I use dbPoweramp on my iMac.  Great program
Thanks guys. 
gregm I agree and do play them hirez on my HiFi rigs. To be more specific my intentions were to play the physical CD in a car. Don’t really want to explore hirez playback options in the car and don’t want to repurchase music I already own. This is why I want to down sample. Thx, Jeff
Sfseay, I may have that program. Will check later. I guess my question should be which file type to use for the 16/44. What does the standard CD use. My reason is due to me using Mac mini for all my hirez actions (no CD tray). I use my PowerMac G4 for burning disks w/Toast. Yes my 2001 G4 still works but doesn’t support any software in the hirez world. So I would convert and move the files to G4 for CD burn. Thx, Jeff