Hinky Remote controls: Can they be re- calibrated?

I recently considered buying a tube integrated amp with remote control. It has won the praises of several reviewers and AG members. However, the model in question and its lower sibling have poor remote controls. They overshoot the mark by a wide margin requiring the listener to get off his butt to adjust volume to their liking.

This may not seem like a big deal, but if you have back problems, which I have, this can be more than a pain in the ass. BTW, the integrated in question is about $2200 retail. I don't understand the design philosophy of the manufacturer to offer a remote that is poorly calibrated, or not accurately calibrated.

Is there any solutions to this design flaw....besides buying a different product with a better remote. I understand that good sound quality is the primary objective, but convenience of operation is not asking too much from the manufacturer who chooses to save a few bucks on production costs by supplying an almost useless remote. I would gladly pay $100-$150 for a better remote with at least a mute button
I had a Unison amp with remote that would move the volume at least twice as much as intended, up or down. My solution was to press the button while the remote was not pointed at the amp and wave it past the sensor. It seemed to help.
Agree though, it is a pain to have to jump through hoops to get what should be simple. My current amp, Cairn 4808, has an exceptionally smooth and accurate volume control.
I believe it's difficult to get a motorized volume control to move and stop quickly. Whereas, a computer/digital controlled volume is easy to get accuracy. I wish professional reviewers would state how well these remotes work. That seems to be hit or miss.
From my experience with remote and remote codes I can tell you that remotes often repeat a command even though the button was pushed only once. This would be why Timrhu could get a smaller movement of the VC by waving it by the sensor as the button is pushed. In that manner He is hitting the infra red sensor with less of the repeated commands to increase/decrease the volume. Some remotes repeat the command less if you are very careful to push the button down as briefly as possible.

A possible solution would be to add a universal type of remote that can be programmed with less "repeats" per button push. Some can be set programmed to do zero or one repeat of the command. The only caveat is that not all infra red receivers will respond to zero or one repeat which is why the number of repeats is adjustable to begin with. Also this type of remote can only be programmed by an authorized dealer/installer.

The RTI brand has the adjustable repeats in the programming software but I believe others do as well.
I would call the manufacturer and explain the problem. There may be a fix available or it may be unique to your unit. But in any case they should be aware of the issue.
Are you talking about Rogue? Their remotes move the volume in steps, even though the volume control is motorized and when used locally, it moves smoothly. Many users complain about the remote; it raises volume in increments of a couple dB at a time.
Their top-tier items use a much better remote, so I guess it's a cost-saving design.