Himalayan SALT Lamp

I love the looks of these for my listening room. Are these ok to have in the same room as electronics?
Dr. Lirpa (of Audio magazine fame)in his hypothetical systems had concluded that Himalayan salt lamps had an effect on how NOS tubes sounded compared to your generic Russian or Chinese tubes. He also deduced that if your system used germanium transistors it improved the sound. He also suggested channeling either Timothy Leary, Ching & Chong or just the mere gentleman Johnny Walker while using the lamp in your listening room.
In addition to the above sage advice, I can tell you I have one in my room with no ill effects on my system whatsoever.
My salt lamp is very neutral sounding. Soft light too.
I get an audible buzz when I light them up.
Could the potential corrosive effects be along the lines of "sea air"? Healthy to breathe maybe.

I'd avoid it if I had to choose, but then again I'm not so crazy about the darn things to start with. I like my expensive audio toys better. So choosing is easy.
Appreciate many of the responses so far. I was in an Audio Shop last week, and they had a couple nic-nacks that gave off a soft orange light. One was a globe, the other this plane piece. So I thought of the Salt Lamp because I had seen a nice orange one in a local health food shop. I would certainly keep it on a side table, and not on the same rack as my electronics. It's supposed to sweat a little moisture, if I understood correctly. I'm still going to proceed with caution.
A very interesting thread. I hire a retired Indian Medicine man weekly for a Dance around my Turntable before I listen. Best results I have when it is raining outside. Now I ask myself, can I improve soundstage while using a SALT lamp???
I just want a cool looking orange light, that will do no harm to my gear. I have no interest in learning anything else about a SALT LAMP. I apologize if I hadn't made that clear. Cheers -Don
As I said, the globe in my room has had no effect on my equipment, and it does look cool.
With your very nice system i'd err on the safe side :)
Actually that particular lamp is thought to improve the sound when in the room due to the pyro electric effect, I.e., the salt generates negative ions when heated by the light bulb. Unfortunately, the bulb supplied in these lamps doesn't produce sufficient heat to produce ANY ions. Oh, well, they look pretty neat.
I have a flickering flame lightbulb in the salt lamp in my listening room. A lightbulb of higher wattage made the lamp too bright and distracting. Love it.
Took the big plunge at Bed and Bath last night. It's kinda Pink/orange, and has a dimmer so you can adjust brightness. The Beatle's Ruber Soul never sounded better. Forget my careful speaker placment, and the great new mono reissue.
I think it was the light (-:
Hi there! I saw the discussion on the salt lamps and wanted to give you good insight of what they are and what they do. I don't want to sound harsh but in the last couple of years I had to study them and became and expert. I have even started a informative website about the salt rock lamp and their health benefits called HimaSaltLamps. So if you have a question feel free to ask me.

I will start with that it doesn't affect electronics. Just do not put it close to such as the salt is hygroscopic and will attract humid from the air and it will eventually begin to melt. 

The salt lamp as you already know attract the water from the air and the harmful practicles with it. When the rock becomes wet and you have the lamp switched on it will evaporate the water again in the air, except this time it will be purified and will contain minerals from the salt. This process will also generate negative ions that will neutralize the harmful positive from a TV for example.

The only thing you have to do from time to time is to clean it gently with a damp. Nothing else.
I’ll give you another insight into what they do. Nothing. The salt lamps are supposed to work via pyroelectric effect, giving off charged ions when heated. The only problem is the lamp provided doesn’t get the salt hot enough to produce ions. And replacing the bulb with a much more powerful bulb doesn’t help. Ion production is virtually zero. Been there, done that.
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