Highwater Sound

I realize there have been several positive comments regarding Jeff Catalano and Highwater Sound out of NYC, mostly involving TW Acustic turntables. Please bear with me as I also add another supportive comment towards Jeff and Highwater Sound.

I recently purchase a TW Acustic Raven AC-1 and TW 10.5 tonearm along with an SRA Ohio XL Isobase. I can only give my highest recommendation to Jeff. He was very great to work with, and took plenty of time to answer all my questions. He never seemed rushed. His communication with me during the purchase process and waiting for shipment was top notch, answering my emails within just a few hours or shorter. His availablity and help during set up of my turntable (he's in NYC and I'm in OK) was great. Always available by phone and eager to help.

It was very refreshing to work with Jeff and getting my new analog front end. I think if all high end dealers could be like Jeff, the industry would be more healthy right now.
It is good to see other happy customers expressing their gratitude to a great dealer like Jeff.
He has been the go to guy for me for a long time. I have nothing but great things to say about Jeff's service and products.
Count me in too. Jeff has been exceptionally and consistently helpful in giving his time and commitment to superior customer service. I couldn't ask for more. My sincere thanks for his terrific efforts.
Never had any business dealings w him, but he always has great sound at the shows.
Great sounds at every show I heard his gear at. $2.00 records he brings to the show and they sound like a million $$$.
I met with him a couple years ago and also enjoyed the experience. I went another direction but it had nothing to do with Jeff himself or the gear he sells.
Plus One regarding Jeff. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back,went to his loft to audition a Raven AC (which wasn't set-up) ended up auditioning a Raven 1. To make a long story short I wound up purchasing an AC on the used market at an incredible price),and Jeff totally understood,he's a class act. have since purchased a few accessories from him. You won't find many dealers let alone people like him. Recommended
I too agree. Jeff is wonderful....no BS!!!! He recently repaired a minor issue with my TT and was committed to making me happy with the results. A ture example of quality all the way!!!!
In addition to all of the above,what makes Jeffrey rise to a higher level is the fact that he will suggest components that he feels would fit your needs even though he is not a dealer for these components.
Thank you Jeffrey , for all your help

No matter what equipment he displays, Jeff's rooms are usually
the highlight of the audio show. His rooms always has a fun
vibe; in no small measure because of his infectious enthusiasm
for the amazing software he brings along. I have also had the
pleasure of auditioning equipment at Jeff's loft. When I was
done with the audition it was raining cats and dogs and he
insisted I take one of his umbrellas to walk back to my hotel.

His LP collection is awesome and he is truly a music lover
first. Although I went a different direction (although I
continue to hope to do business with him someday), he remains
courteous and enthusiastic when we see each other at shows.
Truly one of the good guys in the industry.
Isn't it amazing how even in these tough times both nationwide and in high end, there are guys like Jeff and Mehran from SoraSound on the retail side and Ralph Karsten, Bobby Palcovic, Steve McCormack, George from Lightspeed, and Nelson Pass (and others I am sure) whose enthusiasm and dedication to the music and the industry supports their own business and their fellow audiophiles equally.
World class service and advise.The best turntable set up on the planet. Jeff set up my TW ACUSTIC AC1 with battery power supply.
I bought a TW Akustic Raven One, an Ortofon 12 inch arm, and Dynavector cart from Jeff in 2009. He was very attentive to what I was saying about tastes and let me play all the reference LP's I wanted, never rushed or hurried us. He even gave my wife and I a tour of his apartment which he was still working on at the time, and his workmanship was excellent. Jeff even had his girlfriend stand out by our car because the only space we could find to park was an illegal one, so she took our keys and said she would move the car if the police came around! Jeff did all the set-up work on the Raven One and I've been delighted with it ever since. Jeff is a class act when it comes to dealers and I could only wish the rest followed his example. I'd buy from him again in a heartbeat.
Made two purchases in the last three of four years, an AC 1 and a Raven 10.5. I like Jeff's approach, he is easy to work with. And I like that he doesn't work the dark side. You know, taking the position of a know it all expert who is constantly dropping little "doubt bombs" and vague comments that add no value in understanding audio issues and seem to be said more to remind you that they are "wise"

Crap, that reminds me of number of posters on Audiogon

My child starts college in NYC this August. I plan on stopping by Jeff's place a couple times over the next few years. But tuition might swallow my audio budget for a while.