Highly recommended - "Styx The A&M Albums: 1975-1984" on Limited Edition 180g 9LP Box Set

Having not really listened to Styx for over 20 years, I decided to pick up this set recently on a whim (released in 2015 and about $180, no longer in production but still easy to find).

I'm generally very disappointed w/ new and/or remastered vinyl, but this is a very very well done set.

The recordings sound "just right" - Probably the best remastered/ new vinyl that I've purchased.

Even if you're not a huge Styx fan (I'm not) but are a vinyl lover and crave high-quality pressings, you won't be disappointed.  

Surprisingly this is also one of the first new LPs/ sets I've purchased that was playable out of the box.

Just wanted to pass along how impressed I am with the quality of this set if anyone is on the fence.