Highly Recommended Added 2 new 20A lines

If you havent had dedicated lines ran for your systems yet, what are you waiting for!! I am in a new home and thought that the electrical service was better than my old setup so I delayed the 20 amp drop. Had it done on Thursday with 4 conductor 12g dual grounded wire and Siemens 20 amp breakers to my ps audio power ports. It seems like I just supercharged my rig! Much quieter background, more authority, wider sound... not holding back at all!
Anyway, Highly recommended!!
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I definitely agree!

Although the biggest improvement was going from no dedicated line to one 30 amp dedicated line, I now have two 30 amp (for each amp) and two 20 amp (one for front end analog and one for digital) lines. Is it overkill? ... probably, but I am neurotic.

Gald to hear you have the 20 amp dedicated lines! The next step to do if you haven't done so is to go through your electric box and see what appliances, fan devices, flourescent lights, and any other crap are on the same panel as your lines. If you're comfortable & know what you're doing, you can move the breakers around in your fuse box or call the electrician up, describe to him what your trying to do & have him do it. When I cleaned up the panel my stereo was on in my electric box, it was an equal or better upgrade to the 20 amp breakers. Joe, call me if you got a question as to how to do this....
the electrician rec'ds 2-20amp lines to my existing pannel. he says i need a seperate ground field for the two lines.

the electrician will pull the new wire thru existing conduits so that the new wire will share a condiut w/ old wire. he says there will be no extra noise.

i am planning that each line will have a large hi-current monoblock--pass aleph 1.2-- and that one line will have the pre-amp. cd player an vinyl rid in addition to the aleph 1.2
the aleph 1.2 is a 120lb hi-current--40amp out put max/200watts@8ohms/300@4 piece. my room is very large--30'X35'. spkers: silverline lafolias--large floor standing full range 4 ways

bob from miami, fl
Damien is right on with trying to get the electrician to
install a sub-panel. Have the electrican split the service going into the panel before it actually hits the panel and then get a new small sub panel. This is where your 20 a or better breakers go and then a separate ground is to be run to keep any ground loop from ocurring with the other junk on your main house panel. From the new grounded panel, you should be able to just run new wire to the dedicated outlets. That is the best way to go imo. As for your amps, 20 or 30 amp breakers will be fine depends on your desire. There isnt much of a difference. As far as running the new wire thru the old conduit... I cant say if there will be any noise.. I would tend to think not.. It is better than running the new lines across all kinds of other wires and whatever lurks in your attic or crawlspace!
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I have 3 dedicated 20 amp circuits. Two of them are occupied with mono power amps (1 channel per circuit.) The 3rd circuit shares the low power stuff...pre and cdp, etc.

For thise who have really tinkered with this, do you feel that there are noticeable improvements in adding a 4th circuit, so that the cdp and pre are on searate circuits?