Highly recommend Paragon Sight and Sound in Ann Arbor, MI

At the high end of the marketplace, Larry, Ron, and the others have really been helpful and given me some great discounts on high quality "pre-owned" audiophile products. My current system includes new Wilson Audio Sasha 2 speakers, an ARC GS150 power amplifier, upgraded Puccini SACD/CD player, and a high-end power conditioner with cables. It sounds incredible! Many thanks - Gerry
Thanks! for sharing -Gerry
I can remember reading ads in Stereophile from the 1990's from Paragon Sight and Sound. These guys are well heeled, established, amongst the best dealers/retailers.
Happy Listening!
My experience with Paragon in Ann Arbor wasn't quite so great. Less than two years ago I purchased a high-end CD player that I later discovered had been kicking around at the store for about two years. That may be fine, but they didn't tell me. Also, just a few weeks ago I asked about trading a pristine eight-month-old high-end preamp for one that retailed for $15,000. The offered me wholesale, about $2,500, for my $8,500 preamp, and wanted full retail price for their preamp. Wholesale to retail doesn't work for most audiophiles, especially repeat customers. Yeah, I know. Go elsewhere. I did.
Well they have to pay for those expensive video’s and demo’s? LOL!

They do have some very hi end equipment and will allow you to hear anything uninterrupted. I have purchased some items and have enjoyed the store. But, unless you look at their used items, pretty much everything else is sold at retail.