Highest rez audio service

So I got a very good highly discerning system and now need music. I really dont want to load all of my cds on a server as i love the ease of sonos in most my home. I know they dont offer high resolution but do any services? Im wanting to use some source into my ps audio pwd/bridge. It just seems a waste to buy cds with so much audio online. Id gladly pay a good amount to have this ability. Thanks in advance.
I post a list a couple of years ago. I think all of them are still in business.


There are also some new additions:




Some of them offer free sample download.
I think, (but could be wrong) that the OP is asking if anyone "streams" hirez music, like Pandora or MOG or internet radio stations, not just downloading it.

I think that would be really nice also. I'm assuming that too much bandwidth would be required to actually do this?

Maybe someone one knows for sure...
Thanks Mofi. Thats exactly what I meant. High rez streaming cant be any higher than all the video streaming currently being done in HD.
Hi-res from Pandora will probably not happen any time soon. With your Sonos however, it is possible to both upsample to 24/96 or higher and reclock to reduce jitter. A good reclocker can do this without requiring any mods to the Sonos. Upsampling often makes the DAC sound a lot better because it utilizes a less severe digital filter inside. Reduction of jitter from the Sonos will revive the soundstage and imaging, as well as improve the dynamics.

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Empirical Audio
MOG streams at 320k, which is the highest rez service I know of at this point. Rhapsody is 192k. Both sound very good through a good system.
I read about the MOG being the best bet on cnet. However, will my sonos zp90 let it go up to 320?
Rhapsody, Pandora and MOG use MP3 codecs. Your Sonos will have no problem with these. I really like MOG, but still would love to be able to get Hi-Rez in a streaming format. MP3 is NOT a hi-rez format, even at 320K.
320k is high enough quality Imo.
As a matter of convenience, we listen to Pandora One (the subscription version) a fair amount (my wife loves it, and I like hearing new suggested tracks that I didn't know about or forgot about). Pandora One streams at 192kbs. It clearly does not sound as good as my CDs ripped into lossless format or the hi-res tracks I downloaded from HDtracks.com, but it is surprising how good it does sound, and the convenience and price make it a no-brainer to try.