Highest resolution for steaming radio on I-Phone

Okay, I don't have a computer right now and found a Wadia 170i for $100. I bought the Wadia with the intent of buying Pandora one and streaming audio at 192kbps, but now I'm confused about whether or not I will be able to do that. From what I'm reading on the net, it seems you can only stream at this higher rate through a computer? I don't know anything about computers and mac airport this or that, so if you start talking computers to me, dumb it waaay down.

Question number two: are there other sites that would work solely on the I-phone at a higher rate, like spotify or any others? I have only used regular pandora thus far.
The streaming rate for the MOG app for the iPhone is selectable at either 128kbps or 320kbps.

The downside is that, unlike their desktop streaming application, the mobile app requires using the login system of Facebook, meaning you need a Facebook account, and getting the setup on the iPhone done is unnecessarily complicated. It's a great service, though, and the sound quality at 320kbps is excellent.
Sfar, can you go into detail how you do this? I'm confused about what facebook has to do with it. Do I have to listen to pandora through facebook in order to stream pandora one at 192k? I'm confused...