Highest quality Internet Radio stations

Just got a PS Audio dac and am looking forward to streaming internet stations. I like classical/vocals/jazz but all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
I listen WCRB in Boston (my home town) for classical and I like the BBC stations for rock.
If WFMT in Chicago is available I would check it out.
WONC Naperville, IL. 10p-12a Vintage Rock - The best from 1964 - 1974, they do it right. This is vintage rock not the same ol' lame classic rock.
KSDS, aka Jazz 88.3 in San Diego, http://www.jazz88.org/.

24x7 'real' jazz, no commercials.
Jazz Wyoming 90.1 broadcasts at 256 kbps. Mostly modern-day, but happily not too smooth-jazz.
Jazz FM 91.1 Toronto. Available on itunes as well.
Check out, several 256kB+ classical stations:
Specifically, Avro & Bartok from Europe

and for Jazz;
KWAX Eugene, OR


Great classical station, 320K stream!

Definitely check between the different listening options they may give you. Just with headphones on, there was a major difference between what some of them offered.

http://www.radioswissclassic.ch/en Great classical station ...
WHRB for Jazz in the am, classical in the afternoon and classical and MET Opera on Saturdays. The schedule is on the website.
WCRB has the BSO on Saturday evenings, and in the summer, Tanglewood broadcasts on Friday evenings.Opera and early music on Sunday nights.
WGBH has good jazz from 8:00 pm-5:00 am.
All times are Eastern.
Forgot to mention Chevron Radio.