Highest detail cartridges

Which cartridges give the greatest amount of detail? Imaging, soundstage file detail. These are qualities to consider. I know Lyra cartridges are high on that list. What others equal or better Lyras. Is there anything below, say $1500, that is in that same category?  Detail with reasonably flat frequency response.
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Many of us are familiar with those EMT cartridges. What is

curious by them is the output. We are used to low output

carts with probable assumption that they need less wire for

their coils. However this cart produces 0,9 mV output which

is like our ’’black swan’’.

This isn’t about detail per se, as I haven’t heard it yet. I have a Nakamichi MC-500, with a .9V output, like Nandric’s black swan. I don’t know yet if that’s sufficient to connect directly to standard input, or if I’ll still need a step-up.

But I’m curious. Does anyone know this cartridge? Even by reputation? It seems to be rare, as I find no info online.
Dear @bimasta: Yes, usually you can connect it directly.

I owned its top Nakamichi model the MC-1000 that's a LOMC one and very good performer. I can't remember rigth now whom made it for Nakamichi.


Well EMT also produced an ''real LOMC'' , the LZI. According to

Thuchan who recommended this cart to me, this ''model'' is

made for Japan. EMT still produces carts on order. So, probably,

the Japanese importer ordered this LZI .

In bimasta's  ''vocabulary'' EMT produced an ''black swan'' among

all other white  kinds.

But I was more impressed by Nakamichi MC-1000 which is produced

by Nakamichi after two years of research.  Anyway this  is the

story of Nakamichi.  They made an striking TT and wanted suitable

cart with it. I have no idea if they also produced the right tonearm

as (project) completion?