highest damping factor amp

Looking for a small solid state with a high damping factor to control my 15inch woofers in a biamp system.
You'd have to check all the specs, perhaps directly from the manufacturer. A few of the "Audio" buyer's guides have published damping factor, but sometimes it's hard to find. In my experience, amps that use bipolar output transistors must use a whole lot of them to achieve a better damping factor. Wheras, with MOSFETS, it's easy to achieve high damping, even with a lower current amplifier design. I decided the sound of mine, with its specialized Motorola bipolars, was the best amp I could get for the money...even though its damping factor is only around 50. Anyway, with a biamped setup, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding what you're looking for, and making it work.
And also, the amp with the highest damping factor I've heard of is the Crown Macro Reference, at about 20,000. I've heard that the Wolcott tube amps supposedly have an "infinitely" high damping factor, but I don't believe it. Physics doesn't allow for anything humans have done to be infinite...just a reality check.
Thanks for the reply. The Crown amp you mentioned is the highest I've ever heard of too. It's too big for what I need. Twin TAD 15inch drivers that are 97db efficient each. I don't need much power, just control. Was thinking Aleph 3's.
Perhaps the best little woofer amp ever made is the Electron Kinetics Eagle 2.
I didn't know the Aleph 3 had a very high damping factor. What is it?
Don't know the damping factor of the Aleph 3, it's just a high quality small SS amp. Other's to consider: Bedini 25/25; BEL 1001; Bryston 2b; ????? I like the Eagle 2 idea, thanks. There's a new amp from JOB that's TINY in size physically and 50 watts.