Highest BUILD quality tube amps?

Not so much with sound...lots of ways to fine tune thru tube rolling, etc. I'm just curious which tube amps are built to last for many years with the least amount of repairs. I know Mcintosh comes to mind for longevity. I was snooping around on the web and Air Tight seems to be built like a tank and I've never read any poor repair histories. Luxman same thing. Any others come to mind?

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Also, Audio research can repair any product it’s ever made

But their build quality is kind of standard level. Aside from the knobs. I mean, it's not bad, but the choice of tubes and caps and circuit accounts for 100% of the sound of that gear. It's just basic sheet metal bent and silk screened with a nice front panel on it.

I'm not saying it's bad, but I wouldn't rate it at the top of construction and attention to detail. I'd rather call it perfectly utilitarian construction.

As for the sound quality, that is another story.