Higher output SET or SE tube amp for Daedalus Spea

I have recently bought a pair of Daedalus DA-RMA speakers and wonderful they are too. They are transparent, fast and detailed and a bargain at their price.

After some searching, I found an amp that really matches well with them, the Pathos Inpol2, a 50 watt Class A hybrid integrated. I am more than happy with the Pathos, but hanker after the all tube sound I am used to. So, I would like to find an all tube SET or Single ended tube amp as a change of pace. The speakers are rated down to 8 watts output, having 96db sensitivity. I still think they need 15 watts + if possible to do them justice.

I enjoy all musical genres, Classical, Opera in particular, but blues Jazz, some country and western, some Rock. My room is 20 by 22ft with an 8ft ceiling.
My thoughts so far, including amps I have and have'nt heard, are;
Cary 300Bsei
Almarro 318B
Ayon Orion, Spirit or Mercury
Audio Note Kit 2, based on 6550 tubes(I am minded to try and build my own)

The list is'nt exclusive, all advice welcome. Thanks
Your room is kinda large but you may be able to pull it off if you don't need to crank it too loud and maybe sit somewhat nearfield. If you can be happy listening at lower levels, I think you will be in for a treat.

On your list, I have experience with the Cary and would recommend it.

Off the list, Art Audio makes a real nice 300b and 300bxls (Symphony II and Diavolo respectively). I'd lean toward recommending the Diavolo. It may only be 3 more watts than the Symphony but it can put out 40% more current which I think your speakers would benefit from. They also make an se amp called the Jota if you need more power. Good luck.
Hi David, Why is your Solista a no-go? Have you considered any of the amps from Mastersound?
The Solista just did'nt seem quite right with the Daedalus and selling it enabled me to buy the Pathos second hand, that will be my primary amp. I am looking for a cheaper second hand backup. I know it wo'nt do the same justice to a Mahler symphony or Verdi chorus, but it will be fine for smaller scale music, I hope.
Good luck David, I'll rack the pea but a cheap high power SET is a pretty tall order to fill.
I'd recommend a larger powered (845 or GM-70) SET. I think a 300B would be a bit strained given your room size -especially with larger orchestral music.

I have a 35W GM-70 from SAC Thailand that I have been very happy with. Check out their website. They make several high powered SET's at very reasonable prices.
I think an Atma-Sphere OTL amp may get you closer to the SET sound while also providing sufficient power for your speakers provided their impedance doesn't drop below 6 ohms. Even the S-30 might do the job nicely.

If you're interested in this route, I'd recommend contacting Ralph Karsten directly and discussing your speakers with him.

An Audio Note 300B parallel SET amp might also work. They're pretty expensive. You are probably aware Audio Note Kits also has 300B parallel SET amps as for considerably less money.

A solid state alternative would be a First Watt J2 or M2.
Tvad The audio note Kit 1, is'nt parallel single ended I believe and only puts out about 10 watts I think. So if I wentb for Audio note it would have to be the kit 2, which is variably quoted at 12 to 18 watts. The higher figure I believe, is using KT88 not 6550 tubes.

A lot of people have recommended Atmosphere in the past, but I need the amp to be integrated, I probably did'nt make that clear.

Sibelius, I will follow up the SAC advice.
Audio Note Kits Interstage Monoblock 300B/2A3 Parallel SET

Regardless, it doesn't fit your integrated criteria, which I was not aware of previously.

I don't know of any integrated amp that is going to do the job.
Tvad Sorry about that, I was thinking of the wrong kit. It does look good does'nt it. Having to build 2 of them would keep me out of mischief for longer too
Why is an integrated amplifier preferable to you versus a stereo amp/preamp combination?

The amp/preamp combo would open up the possibilities, IMO.
Having to build 2 of them would keep me out of mischief for longer too
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You are probably already aware...but in case you aren't, the AN Kits products can all be purchased assembled.
Have you considered an Audio Note OTO SE or SE Phono? Great amp for the money, it's an even better deal used. There is one for sale on A'gon now for a very reasonable price (IMHO).

Forget about listed power ratings. I have an OTO and it will work fine with 96dB speakers. I would suggest some judicious tube rolling is in order to get the best out of the design.

Another good alternative might be the Manley Stingray. The SS power stage is not my cup of tea, but it's a real powerhouse and can be run in triode mode.