Higher-Fi has full page ad in dupont registry

In the new Dupont registry Higher-fi has a full page ad with 200k plus speakers. Just because a guy is into high-end cars doesn't mean he cares about high-end audio. If these guys want to advertise they should stick with the audio magazines.
Why ? I, for one, thank Mr. Moon for bringing attention to our industry to a much wider audience.

I would think that Dupot Registry is a great audience for an ad. You don't have to care about high end audio to want the best of everything and just need someone to show them something that's better, or more expensive, than what they have.
I admire and own High-end automobiles and appreciate both!

Advertising is just that, Why would you care where they spend their advertising dollars? Are you a stock holder? or you just want to rant?
Maybe next month they can run an ad in Yachting or Flying magazine as well. Two other enjoyable activities where quality, craftsmanship and attention to details is prized and admired.
I totally agree with all the other posters. Why wouldn't Chris Moon want to extend the reach of his business and bring the wonderous world of top shelf audio products to a sector of our society who has the money to afford the finer things in life, but may know little or nothing about high quality sound reproduction. I say hats off to Higher-Fi!! If by making what he does more visible, maybe Chris Moon sells a few extra million dollar systems this year! Good for him. Long live capitalism! My "ex" bother-in-law is a very successful, and wealthy oncologist. He is a well respected figure in his field medicine, who lives in a beautiful "mansion-like" home in Southern California, he drives expensive sports cars, wears the best of clothes, drinks the best of wines, and takes cost no object vacations...and has a piece of shit, low-fi, all-in-one rack system from Circuit City that he probably paid less then $400 for. What's up with that? I used to try to get him interested in quality sound by playing my stereo for him, (then he divorced my sister-in-law) and I have no idea if he ever followed up and bought better stuff. Point is, he HAS the money to afford the really good shit and would have done so, if somebody had shown him how, and where to. Higher-Fi is doing "smart" business in my humble opinion. 'Nuff said about that.
I think there should be more ads in places other than audio mags.I think I would have got into high end audio much sooner if I would have known more about it.High end audio seems to be hidden from the general population.
200K Ferrari or 200K speakers whats the difference? They both please the palette but just in different directions..
Let the guy spend his money as he chooses and mind your own business.

Which probably needs more attention anyway.
Agree with all of the above. This is America. The guy has a business to run and he's trying to advertise to people with money. Not to mention exposing more people to audio doesn't hurt.
Also, if he "sticks with the audio magazines, audio will never reach new people.
One should advertise in Robb Report, Dupont Registry, etc. Those mags are looked at by (people) that have (and don't have) the resources to purchase expensive equipment. I've spoken with Chris a couple of times, he's a good guy, and I wonder how much in inventory he is responsible for.
And not everyone who buys expensive audio gear does it because they appreciate great sound or great music. A dealer for Wilson speakers told me he sells a lot of systems purely because of the competition among young software gazillionaires to have the coolest toys. A restaurant owner friend told a similar story about expensive wine, he spent considerable time tracking down exotic bottles his wealthy customers could spend $400 on to impress their dinner guests. It wasn't the taste of the wine that was important to them.
Wilson Audio is not expensive, nor is $400.00 for a bottle of wine. To some neither is Higher-Fi.
The man can advertise anywhere that he damned well pleases. Why should it matter to you?
"If these guys want to advertise they should stick with the audio magazines." = Naive.

I think Chris is actually pretty smart. 200K speakers on Craigs list = not so smart.
AA sudz1234 is it you asking this question again?
Nice catch Samhar. I've long had my suspicions and I think this may have proven them. Check out my post on AA on his McIntosh and Higher-Fi post. I'm RSF.
Oh wow i didnt know that.
Who says money can't buy you happiness ... did you ever see anyone on a waverunner with a frown on
The world needs to know there is real audio out there. I say, go for it.
I don't think it will do us any harm so we shouldn't care about it at all. As for ass..... who spend big money in an interesting way, that's not our concern either. They just shouldn't expect any kind of respect from people outside and perhaps even within their circle.
Inna what's up calling someone spending "big money" "ass....."? Totally over the top and uncalled for!!!
That's not what I said, read my post again will you?
It makes perfect sense . Someone that can afford and has an appreciation for quality car's , would be a potential customer for quality audio .
If I misread it as a classist remark , sorry.
I saw that issue of DuPont and I strongly disagree about sticking to audio mags. Have you been under a rock while everyone worries about how our hobby is going to sur vive???? The more exposure high end audio receives, the better the chance of surviving well into the future.
Bose advertised in places a lot of people would say were not the best for getting any results. Look at them now. There are billionaires that buy it now, because they think its the best. It would be nice if some of the smaller companies had the big bucks to advertise their true high end equipment. The exposure could still possibly trickle down to them. All they need is some exposure and curiosity sometimes.