Higher End USB Cables

Anyone tried/compared the newer high-end USB Cables (i.e. Locus Design Polestar or Ridgestreet model)? Curious if they're worth the $300+ price tag, particularly since Locus doesn't offer demo or return policy (can't speak to Ridgestreet). I do know there's differences in the cheap throw-away ones, much like different USB ports on the same computer.
My DIY usb cables are the best I have tried. That includes Curious Evolved , Cerious Matrix and Audioquest Diamond.

I found the (Shunyata Labs), "Venom", USB cable to very nice. I also have a (Pangea Audio), "Premier XL", USB with the separate leads for power and signal right behind the Venom! And the Pangea was quite cheap!
The Audio Sensibilities Signature Silver USB cable beats the Diamond in my system. Not close.
Had a Curious for a while but it really doesn't compete with the higher end cables.
I have a Shunyata Alpha coming that I expect will give the AS a run or maybe beat it.

I gotta tell you I have now tried quite a few USB cables. The best I have heard for sound quality is the Wireworld Silver 7 Platinum. It uses pure silver wire. The sound is much more dynamic and full compared to other $$$ usb cables.
Problem is they are hard to find used and they cost a lot.

But... I am going to buy a Lumin X1 so I may have one to sell in the near future.