Higher-End In-Ceiling Speakers

Looking for thoughts on higher-end in-ceiling speakers. Looked at Dynaudio IP24 and may use these in one room, but too pricey for multiple (6 or 7) other rooms that I will be wiring for sound in new home. House is new construction and I have an opportunity to beef-up framing for speaker support prior to drywall. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

JR Concentra II
Dynaudio Contour 3.3
Cardas Golden Cross
I'm happy with Snell in-walls.. triad is very good also.
Triad and Snell are the leaders in this category.
Basically, any speaker mounted in the ceiling is "high end" so you might as well by the cheapest one you can find.
Check out Thiel's Higher Plane or Power Point speakers. I've heard both, and they are surprisingly good.