High WAF, simple, integrated amplifier

I am in search of an integrated amplifier for my girlfriend who enjoys my high(er) end toys but doesn't want to deal with the sheer size of such parts. It has gotten me thinking about what integrated amps exist that are small and at least mildly attractive; a sort of iPod of integrateds. I have not come up with many since it seems that even basic integrated amplifiers suffer from mission creep.

Ideally an amplifier for her (and I suspect many people just outside the hifi community) is simple to operate with just a few input devices. No need for playing with setups, just good sound into the one pair of speakers. Can anyone point out an integrated amp that only has 2-3 line level inputs, NO phono stage, NO tape loops, minimal if any tone control? A remote for volume would be good but not required. A front mini jack for iPod/computer input would also be great but not required so long as a 3rd line input is available. The ability to select between two pairs of speakers could be nice if we are going to get really crazy but is certainly not required.

The box should be less than 12" wide since rack width is unnecessary for an amp with such limited features and low power. I would assume 40-50W into 8 ohm is fine, but with such a simple box, the entire space can be dedicated to the amplification stages so I could see it being quite happy with a wide range of impedances. The current goal is to power some decent stand mounted bookshelf speakers like Paradigm Atoms.

Cost is up in the air I suppose, but to make it appealing to those just outside the hifi community I assume that entry level hifi price is in order, maybe $300?

Does such a thing exist? I know there are probably some amazing high end parts like this, possibly tubed, but that is not the goal here.
Get a Bose wave player and be done with it. You can't do better than Atoms and $300 for amplification? If it's the girl, you may need another upgrade:O ) The Studio 20's and a Musical Fidelity, Rotel or NAD integrated would be great with Monster wire connections.
Virtue Audio.
Not exactly an intergrated and I'm not sure on the price or if it will fit all your other requirements ... but

As far as WAF is concerned there is this from Blue Circle with matching purse and there is everything else

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Bose and pumps jokes aside...

The Virtue stuff is interesting and is getting toward the right idea though.

Im imagining an NAD C 375BEE or the like, just with fewer inputs and controls in a smaller box. Decent amplification, a few inputs and controls and clean to look at. Something like that should be a few hundred dollars given the price of the NAD line.
Searching for a narrow unit (i.e. 12" or less) will limit your options, as most all components are 17" wide, give or take a 1/2". And, you might want to buy used to stay within your budget. Also, the simplicity of inputs and lack of tone controls will also limit your options and will most likely raise the price higher than you want to spend.

A solution that meets your size criteria is the Bel Canto e.One S300i. High WAF, I'd imagine, but is costs 2k. Maybe you can find for 1/2 that, used.

The Creek Evolution 2 Integrated Amp is standard with but less expensive at $1095.00.

As you go down in price, an option is the Marantz PM5003 for $450. It's 17" wide and contains more features than you want. Also, the NAD C315BEE for $350 is another good one at this price point.

Good luck!
The Musical Fidelity X150 is very close to what you are after. Definitely narrower than 12", power output is 105 wpc. Used they go for about $575-$600. Still much more than your budget of $300 though. It has minimal features, and only a handful of inputs. As I recall, no mini jack inputs, however.
Music Hall A25.2 is the logical choice. Runs about $375 used, no disappointments on this one. Huge value for little $.
Why not check out the Arcam Solo or Solo mini? Either one should fill the bill nicely. They each include a very high quality cd player in the bargain.

They also provide pre-outs should you ever want to add a more powerful amp, though it's doubtful you'd ever need to unless it were set up in a very large room or you wanted to drive large, low-efficiency speakers. But it's nice to know you could ;-) -jz
Wes Phillips reviewed an integrated from Nu-force recently that should fit the bill perfectly, and it comes in a choice of pretty colours which may be to your ladys liking. I can't remember the model though.
The amp I was referring to is the NuForce Icon. MSRP of $250 new.
Your relationship will never workout. If you are an audiophile and given in to her demands at this point, you have no future in audio. If you can accept that, you can continue knowing great audio will never be part of your life. Some great woman are worth the loss of being an audiophile. Be careful.
I think the best answer aesthetically is probably the Pathos Classic. Add a matching Pathos Digit CD player and some Sonus Faber speakers and you have the ultimate WAF championship system. It also will sound very, very good. Ah, but the price tag. Now that is a different story.

I own the NuForce Icon that Rcrerar recommended and it does sound as if it would meet most of your requirements. It's beautifully designed, versatile and sounds great. No remote control and only 12 watts of power but in a smallish room with efficient speakers the sound is quite remarkable.

Another possibility might be the new Cambridge Audio Sonata system. I haven't heard it but it's small and looks to be designed with someone like your girlfriend in mind.
Look for a used peachtree decco at the $400 or $500 level. Very nice design, does all you ask and more.
Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't even heard of several. There seems to be some focus on the $300. I mainly put that out there as what I consider the threshold for intro hifi. Not Best Buy garbage, but not what many here might consider hifi. Lets call it midfi. More than anything I was just surprised it was so hard to find something of this type short of crazy art tube amps. I know the width request is odd and that ~17" is the standard for rack width, but most people dont use a rack. I suspect that even holds true on this forum.

New or used doesn't matter much to me. If some engineer sold something like this out of his garage in the 70s, that is just fine with me. The goal here is just easy, good sound. No concert hall necessary and no nests of cables desired. Most people just want to hear a good song played well with no fuss. We are strange.
NAD makes a CD/receiver in a small footprint format w/ a front panel USB port. I think they can be had new for $400.
What about the NaimUniti all-in-one audio player?

The NaimUniti is our first ever all-in-one audio player. It combines a ten-input, 50-Watt-perchannel integrated amplifier based on the award-winning NAIT 5i, a CD player based on the similarly acclaimed CD5i, and a digital-to-analogue converter with an output filter derived from that developed for the stunning CD5x. To all that, NaimUniti adds a high quality DAB/FM tuner, the ability to play streamed audio files wirelessly from UPnP™ servers or internet radio stations, and separate interface inputs for USB memory sticks carrying audio files, iPods and mp3 players. With the NaimUniti, you just need a pair of speakers.

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I think at $3700 retail, the Naim Uniti is WAY off budget.
I would say that the favorites at the moment are the NAD C715 (I missed that on their site) for size and the Music Hall A25.2 for function. If the Music Hall were not the 17" format I would buy it immediately. Extra thanks to S7horton and Onhwy61 for pointing out my blind spot on the NAD site.
Used (original) Bryston B-60 or a Linn Majik (the original one) or an Onix 08A (if I remember the model #).
The 9.5" wide Parasound Z Series.
The Parasound Z Series is cute as a button, compact (9.5"w x 2"h), well-built, simple to use, good-sounding, and reasonably priced. The only downside is that they don't offer an integrated. BUT, the line level preamp (ZPre) is just what you're looking for as a control center: 4 inputs, no tape loop, volume, bass, treble, balance, and a remote that repeats those controls including input select, plus mute. The volume control is motorized, so remote volume adjustment is simple and linear.

The long-discontinued oval-shaped Musical Fidelity integrateds would also fit your description, but they didn't have remote. I owned one, and frankly, the Parasound Z-series is much easier on the ears with better tonal balance and bass delivery. The matching Zamp puts out an honest high-current 45 wpc into 8 ohms, 60 into 4, and 90w in bridged mono mode. In other words, room to grow if occasion calls for it. The amps can be daisy-chained for bi-amping or multi-room applications.

Normally these Z products list at about $300 each, but I got my ZPre at a pawnshop for $140 and got a demo v3 Zamp from Audio Advisor for under $200.
A used PS Audio Trio C-100 fits your needs well with the exception of the front panel input. I owned one of these little amps while my main amp was in for repair. Check it out.

My suggestion for the perfect amp for your girlfriend is a nice integrated triode tube amp with MANUAL BIAS. The more power tubes you can get away with the better. Hear me out because there's a method to my madness.

Buy her the integrated you want and over time build a nice system around it. On her nickel, of course. If things work out between you as a couple, you will always be around to maintain the bias on her amp and she'll appreciate you for it. She will love the sound it makes and you will get to play audiophile at HER HOUSE *anytime* you want! Just remember to NOT overdo it.

Should things progress to a mixing of, pardon the phrase, each others equipment, you will have a good start on a nice second or (ahem) bedroom system. You might even be terribly lucky and convert her to "audiophilian" by spoiling her with beautiful music. Even without her consent.

On the other hand, and this might sting a bit, but the odds are that if the wheels do come off for you there's going to be a "next guy". Assuming he'll be at least smart enough to learn how to set the bias on the amp, you know he'll eventually hook up a pair of inefficient speakers with 2 ohm dips. The sound quality will degrade fairly quickly and she will get what she deserves. Weak, hollow, lifeless music in her life because she picked the wrong guy.
I'd be tempted (actually i just might order one) to check out the Virtue (30 day money back guarantee) or any of the cheaper T-Amps and a VALAB or Pardisea DAC. And an Oppo. Together $500-700. OK maybe $800. Some high efficiency vintage speakers off Craigslist for now.

Then you have inputs for an Airport Express (optical), or computer via USB and universal DVD/CD player for 2 channel movies, internet radio etc.
If you do not mind older units, the original Naim Nait and Nait2 are both very small ... they do have the odd Naim DIN and speaker connections though.
I would suggest the Denon D-F101s which is probably at least the equal of Arcam but much,. much cheaper due to high volume.
Check out King Rex. Separates that are smaller than integrated units. Good prices, excellent sound for a intro level components. I heard/saw them at RMAF and was quite impressed.
Sounds like a used Peachtree Decco would be perfect. Recommend buying a refurbished unit from the manufacturer, which they sell for $500.